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Coast Guard Special Duty Assignments

Intelligence Duty


The Coast Guard Intelligence Program needs experienced, trained members in many billets. Members selected for these HK-designated Intelligence Specialists billets must be able to perform a number of duties, including composing detailed intelligence documents; assisting in intelligence analysis; assessing, preparing and presenting briefs; familiarity with and interacting with members of the National Intelligence Community; and using various clerical and computer skills in preparing intelligence products.


Note: The below qualification standards are in addition to the general Coast Guard Special Duty Assignment qualification standards.

1. Have completed at least one year's Coast Guard service on active duty or in the Selected Reserve at any of the following Coast Guard intelligence activities:

    a. Commandant (G-OCI)

    b. Area (Ai/Pi)

    c. District (ole), when assigned to operational intelligence duties as determined by Commandant (G-OCI)

    d. Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC)

    e. Joint Task Force (JTF) Fusion Center or J2

    f. Law Enforcement Support (LESUP) Team Miami

    g. Pacific Intelligence Team (PIT)

    h. C3I Centers East and West, when assigned to intelligence duties

    i. El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC)

2. Or have completed one of these courses:

    a. USCG Basic Intelligence Course, Reserve Training Center, Yorktown, VA

    b. Joint Military Intelligence Course, Defense Intelligence College, Washington, DC

    c. Appropriate course at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, Dam Neck, VA

    d. Equivalent training as approved by Commandant (G-OCI)

3. Be eligible for a Top Secret Security Clearance and maintain eligibility throughout assignment to CGIS.


Although there is no intelligence rating, enlisted members E-6 and above with more than 10 years of service may request consecutive assignments to intelligence duty. Commander, (CGPC-epm-2) controls intelligence duty assignments.

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