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Coast Guard Special Duty Assignments

Ceremonial Honor Guard Duty -- Page 2


Disqualification Factors

1. Criteria set forth in the Personnel Security Program, COMDTINST M5520.12 (series).

2. Record of courts-martial or indication of consideration for administrative separation in lieu of courts-martial.

3. A history of serious involvement with civil or military law enforcement agencies. Records of frequent minor involvement with law enforcement agencies shall be assessed to determine whether the individual has a tendency toward irresponsibility.

4. Record of neglect or substandard performance of duty or evidence of poor attitude or lack of motivation toward responsibilities.

5. Evidence of any other personal habits, characteristics, activities, or associations which would reasonably place doubt on the member's reliability or which would warrant a determination that a member is not suitable for assignment to Presidential support duties. Activities which may be considered as disqualifying under this paragraph include, among others, any record of:

    a. Recent serious indebtedness.

    b. Drunkenness or alcoholism.

    c. Serious family or marital problems.

    d. Mental ailments or psychological disorders.

    e. Involvement with narcotics, marijuana, or dangerous drugs.

    f. Aggressive tendencies or record of illegal use or possession of weapons.

Submitting Requests

1. Applicants must attach these items to the Assignment Data Card (Form 3698A) when requesting assignment to the Ceremonial Honor Guard:

    a. Two photographs (full length and side views)

    b. Statement of Personal History (DD-398) (four copies)

    c. CG Intelligence Agency Check Request (CG-2765)

    d. Police Record Check (DD-369)

    e. Request for Personnel Security Investigation (CG-6\5044)

2. The CO's endorsement shall evaluate the member in detail and state the member's Personal Data Record and Health Record have been checked and show no derogatory information in any category.

3. On receiving the request, district commander (ap) will carefully review the supporting papers for completion and accuracy and arrange for district commander (ole) to interview the applicant. The officer conducting the interview shall set forth in detail an estimate of the applicant's potential for assignment to the Ceremonial Honor Guard. Any adverse information discovered during the interview or in reviewing the applicant's record must be included and fully explained. On completing the interview, district commander (ole) will complete an Evaluation Form (Exhibit 4.E.1 in the Coast Guard Personnel Manual.) and send it, the completed interview, and member's application procedures to district commander (ap).

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