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United States Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard. Informative sites where the primary focus of interest is the United States Coast Guard. Information and resources about the USCG, regulations, policy, pay, jobs, forms, pay, coast guard locations, and more.
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Enlisted Jobs
Enlisted job (ratings) description for the U.S. Coast Guard, along with ASVAB score requirements.

An admiral is the top commissioned officer in the United States Coast Guard. Like a U.S. Army, Air Force or Marine Corps general or a Navy admiral, a Coast Guard admiral wears four silver five-point stars to indicate his or her rank. Unlike an Army, Air Force and Marine Corps general, a Coast Guard admiral also wears shoulder boards with four gold stripes.

Cutter Duty
Although fighting the nation's war on drugs by catching smugglers has become one a primary mission of cutters like the Tampa, the ship and its crew also are heavily involved in the war on terror by helping to interdict migrants trying to enter the United States illegally.

Diving Program
As long as people have sailed the oceans, there have been myths of the deep. Tales of sea serpents, mermaids and giant octopus were spun by bored or mischievous sailors intending to impress and frighten. While less fantastic, there are a few lingering myths surrounding the Coast Guard Diving Program as well.

Drug Interdiction for FY 2004
The Coast Guard seized a record 240,518 pounds of cocaine, worth approximately $7.7 billion during fiscal year 2004. The previous annual record of 138,393 pounds was surpassed May 29 (2004) with the seizure of 4,300 pounds of cocaine off a go-fast vessel in the Eastern Pacific.

Eagle (The Coast Guard's Tall Sailing Ship)
The Eagle is a three-masted sailing Barque with 21,350 square feet of sail. It is homeported at the CG Academy, New London, Connecticut. It is the only active (operational) commissioned sailing vessel in the U.S. maritime services.

United States Coast Guard fraternization policies are contained in chapter 8 of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST 1000.6A. Coast Guard policy is to sustain a professional work environment which fosters mutual respect among all personnel, and in which decisions affecting personnel, in appearance and actuality, are based on sound leadership principles.

Homeland Security Inspector General
Established in 2002 in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is charged with unifying the country’s domestic security operations. also created the agency’s Office of Inspector General to ensure that the department carries out its operations and activities efficiently, effectively and economically.

Life Aboard a Coast Guard Cutter
This is the rarely-advertised and seldom-celebrated life of the men and women who work on the Coast Guard’s more than 31 medium-and high-endurance cutters. A Coast Guard cutter is a fusion of young and old sailors, those with years of sea time and those with days, those who have traveled the world and those who have never left their hometown.

Patrolling Guantanamo Bay
U.S. Coast Guardsmen are helping their Defense Department brethren by working to protect the coasts and waterways of an American military outpost in the Caribbean. A team of roughly 50 Coast Guardsmen patrols Guantanamo Bay in TPSBs, transportable port-security boats -- or "fast boats" in Coastie lingo.

Pirates are not a thing of the past. They are alive and well, and roaming the seas in search of booty. And U.S. Navy and Coast Guard officials are determined to stop them from threatening Americans and American interests.

Rear Admiral
Rear admirals in the United States Coast Guard are divided into two groups. Upper half rear admirals receive more pay than their lower half counterparts and wear two stars on their uniforms and two stripes on their shoulder boards instead of the lower half’s one star and one-stripe shoulder boards.

Rescue Swimmer Training
The Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Training School has one of the highest student attrition rates of any special operations school in the military. Roughly 75 students go through the school each year, and fewer than half make it out.

Sea Marshals
Effectively, Sea Marshals are to vessels what air marshals are to airplanes. Comprised of a combination of Coast Guard reservists and active duty members, Sea Marshals typically board large port-bound vessels offshore to ensure they arrive at the port safely.

Search and Rescue
For the Coast Guard to provide search and rescue response around the country around the clock, it has several facilities like the one in Elizabeth City situated throughout the East, West and Gulf coasts, as well as in Alaska. There are also stations in Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, the Great Lakes and inland U.S. waterways.

Search and Rescue is Not a Joke
Each day, the Coast Guard responds to nearly 109 boaters in distress, saving 10 lives and assisting 192 people. But not every distress call is real.

Special Duty Assignments
Several enlisted jobs in the United States Coast Guard are considered "Special Duty Assignments." In these jobs, CG personnel generally work at duties outside of their normal rating (job) for a designated period of time, then return to their original rating. Examples of Special Duty Assignments are recruiter duty A-School Instructor duty.

Special Missions Training
The United States Coast Guard Special Missions Training Center has the difficult task of taking your everyday Coast Guardsman whose background is law enforcement or a job in the mechanic field and making him or her think about topics such as locating, closing with, and destroying the enemy.

U.S. Coast Guard -- Who Are These Silent Heroes?
After days of searching, the United States Coast Guard has rescued more than 4,000 people from rooftops and flooded neighborhoods, devistated by Hurricane Katrina, since rescue operations began. Although the entire World has watched their helicopters, aircraft, and cutters streak across their television screens this week, many people know very little about this dedicated group of silent heroes.

Uniform History
Detailed history of the uniforms worn by members of the United States Coast Guard.

Uniform Wear by Retirees and Veterans
Retired military members and certain honorably discharged veterans may wear the US Military uniform on certain occasions.

Vertical Insertion Training
The idea of Coast Guardsmen going aboard a ship to inspect it is not a new concept. Yet, as a small team of boarding officers stand in the roaring and windy opening of a helicopter over the deck of a ship some 30 feet below, they are part of a new chapter in Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement. One by one, they exit and descend to the ship by way of vertical insertion.

Vice Admiral
Between the full admiral and the rear admirals, vice admirals in the United States Coast Guard sport three five-pointed silver stars on their uniform and three stripes on their shoulder boards to indicate their rank.

War on Terrorism
The U.S. Coast Guard is an active player in the war on terror, both in Southwest Asia and on the home front. The "fifth armed service" is making its largest commitment to port- security operations since World War II. At the same time, the Coast Guard has deployed its largest contingent of Coast Guard members and assets overseas since the Vietnam conflict, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Warrant Officer Selection Procedures
If you and your command feel you have the maturity, leadership, and technical expertise required to become part of this elite group (Warrant Officers), then go for it! Here are some highlights from the Personnel Manual to help you with the process.

Weight Charts
Maximum allowable weight chart and body-fat standards for members of the United States Coast Guard.

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