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Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions
Gunner's Mate (GM)
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Gunner’s Mate (GMs) are the Coast Guards small arms weapons specialists. GMs are one of the oldest ratings. The rating was formally established in 1797. As a member of this rating you will work with everything from pistols, rifles and machine guns to 76mm gun weapons systems. You will be responsible for training personnel in proper handling of weapons, ammunition and pyrotechnics. You’ll perform maintenance on all ordnance/gunnery equipment: mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic.

GMs are stationed throughout the Coast Guard, including Alaska and Hawaii. GMs typically work out of small armories afloat and ashore. GMs are stationed on large and small Cutters. GMs work out of Area, District, Naval Engineering Support Units (NESU) and Weapons Augmentation Teams (WATs). GMs are sent to repair weapons as required from the NESUs and WATs. With the Coast Guards broadening mission in Homeland Security GMs are becoming involved with law enforcement and security at Marine Safety Offices (MSOs) and Marine Safety Security Teams (MSSTs).


A high degree of mechanical and electronic aptitude. School training in mathematics, electricity, physics, electronics and shop work provides a helpful background.

ASVAB Score Requirements: AR+MK+EI+GS OF 208


Training for the GM rating is thru formal instruction located in Yorktown Virginia. A Gunner’s Mate requires skills in electronics, mechanical systems along with hydraulics. GM ‘A’ School is currently 10 weeks of formal training. After ‘A’ School most graduates immediately attend specific equipment/system specific ‘C’ Schools lasting from 5 days to 14 weeks. During a career of twenty years a GM can expect to receive over 2 year of training in electronics, management, and leadership training.

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Above Information Courtesy of United States Coast Guard

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