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Installation Overview --Coast Guard Station Juneau, Alaska


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Installation Overview --Coast Guard Station Juneau, Alaska
Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Juneau, the Capital City of Alaska, is the Home of the 17th Coast Guard District Command Cadre. Juneau could be considered the Hub of the 17th Coast Guard District in Alaska.

Coast Guard Station Juneau dates back to the middle 1950's. The original Station was located in Auke bay, and remained there until 1978, when it was moved to its current location. Then, as now, the station performed all missions assigned today with the additional mission of servicing manned lighthouses.The first resource assigned was the 38-foot Pickett boat. The Pickett was replaced by a 40-foot Utility boat later relieved by a 44-foot steel Motor Lifeboat. The Motor Lifeboat was destroyed during a dramatic rescue of a family of four during a winter storm. Replacing the destroyed 44-foot MLB was a 41-foot UTB. The UTB was replaced in 2000 by a new 47-foot Motor Lifeboat. The 47' MLB is still here along with three 25 foot Safe boats.

Station Juneau performs 100-150 search and rescue cases annually. It's crew also conducts around 300 law enforcement boarding's per year, including; recreational, boating safety, fisheries and Homeland Security missions.

The crew of Station Juneau is dedicated, heart and mind to excellence. Through superior training, open communications, and commitment to each other, their mission is to provide the best possible service to the public and to set a shining example to other units and the community.

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