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Camping, Hiking, and Survival Equipment

Military Surplus & Shopping - Camping, Hiking, and Survival Equipment.

Selection of military-surplus blankets in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes from Barre Army-Navy.

Selection of military and survival blankets.

Boats and oars from Jones Surplus.

Camping Equipment
Misc camping and survival equipment from the Surplus Store.

Canteens & Cookware
Canteens, cookware, stoves, folding tables, and more from Jones Surplus.

Modest selection of military compasses from IMS.

Military cots from IMS.

Folding cots and chairs from Barre Army-Navy.

Face Paint
Military camouflage face paint.

First Aid Kits
Large selection of individual and group first aid kits and combat medical bags.

Large selection of flashlights and spotlights from Chief Supply.

Selection of military flashlights and light sticks from IMS.

Police and tactical flashlights by Jones Surplus.

Fuel (Fire) Bars and Tabs
Fuel (Fire) bars and fuel tabs from IMS.

Gas & Water Cans
A selection of gas and water containers from Jones Surplus.

Sleeping hammocks from IMS.

Head Lanterns
Selection of head-lamps from Barre Army-Navy.

Insect Repellent
Military-issue insect repellent from IMS.

Knives & Tools
Misc. camping & survival knives and tools from Jones Surplus.

Selection of camping lanterns from Barre Army-Navy.

Military Field Gear
Misc. Field gear such as vests, canteens, canteen covers, belts, sleeping bags, and more from Barre Army-Navy.

Misc. Survival and Camping Equipment
Survival and camping equipment, such as mess kits, flashlights, stoves, compasses, picks & shovels, blankets, sleeping bags, and MREs.

Mosquito Netting & Repellent
Selection of mosquito netting and insect repellent from Barre Army-Navy.

Multi-Purpose Tools
Versitile pocket tools, perfect for camping, hunting, and hiking, from Bestdefense.com.

Selection of shovels and entrenching tools.

Sleeping Bags
Selection of normal and cold weather sleeping bags.

Sleeping Bags
Large Selection of sleeping bags from Barre Army-Navy.

Sleeping Supplies
Blankets, sleeping bags, cots, and more from Jones Surplus.

Survival Gadgets
Self-powered radios and flashlights from Bynoon.

Survival Necklace
Handy survival equipment items, included on a necklace. Weighs less than 2 1/2 ounces, and costs less than $20.00. From Ranger Rick's.

Tents and tent supplies from Jones Surplus.

Selection of Eureka tents in a variety of styles and sizes from Barre Army-Navy.

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