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Bases, Installations, Ships & Units

Bases & Units. Military bases including links to Army posts, Air Force bases, Marine Corps bases, Navy installations & ships, and Coast Guard facilities.
  1. Air Force Bases (163)
  2. Army Bases Units (150)
  3. Coast Guard Bases (12)
  4. Marine Corps Bases (40)
  5. Navy Bases Units (89)
  6. Navy Bases Ships Units (10)

BRAC Recommendations Become Law
The Base Realignment and Closure Commission's recommendations for reshaping the Defense Department's infrastructure officially took effect at 12:01 a.m. Nov. 9 (2005) after Congress allowed them to pass into law.

BRAC Panel Recommendations
The Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission wrapped up four days of deliberations in final actions Aug. 26 and 27 (2005) by voting to turn Pope Air Force Base, N.C., into an Army airfield and recommending sweeping recommendations to revamp the Air National Guard and consolidate its operations.

Base Closure Recommendations (2005)
The Defense Department has recommended closing 33 major bases and realigning 29 others as part of a comprehensive reshaping of the military infrastructure through the base realignment and closure process.

State-by-State Listing of U.S. Military Bases
tate-by-state listing showing major U.S. Military Bases and Installations located in the state, along with personnel totals for active duty personnel stationed in the state, and number of Guard and Reserves located within the state.

DOD Installation Information
Information about U.S. Military Installations, including a general overview, housing, education, services, and employment opportunities. One must be a military member, retiree, or dependent to use this site.

General Military Base Information
General information for U.S. military bases and facilities around the World. Some facilities include aero photos and maps.

Aviation Bases Database
Impressive online database for U.S. Military aviation bases around the World. You can search on terms, lookup aircraft tail numbers, and receive maps.

Government Information Locator Service
Use GILS to find U.S. Government Web sites and documents which have been released to the public and are available online.

Military Facilities Listing
Easy to use list to determine which bases have specific facilities, such as commissaries, hospitals, etc.

Military Installation Database
SITES is a database with extensive information about major military installations, intended for those making PCS moves. Access is restricted to members of the military, retirees, and dependents.

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