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Bags, Backpacks, and Pouches

Military Shopping & Surplus - Bags, Backpacks, and Pouches.

Alice Packs and Equipment
Selection of Alice packs, frames, and related equipment from IMS.

Backpacks & Frames
Choice of backpacks and frames from Jones Surplus.

Bags and More
Duffle Bags, backpacks, Alice Bags, misc bags, ammo bags and more from Ted's Military Sales.

Butt Packs
Selection of military butt packs from IMS.

CFP-90 Backpack
The Military's largest combat backpack.

Duffle and Other Bags
Selection of duffle bags, sports bags, ammo bags, stuff bags, and more from Jones Surplus.

Alice Packs (with or without frames) and canvas back-packs from Barre Army-Navy.

Ruck Sacks
Selection of various ruck sacks from IMS.

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