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U.S. Army Administrative Promotion Points for E-5/E-6
Civilian Education
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Note: Effective 11 January (2004), Points for certain Civilian Certifications are also allowed. See Related Article.

Points for civilian education will be granted as follows:

(1) Business/trade school/college: One and one half points for each semester hour earned.

(2) Degree completion (10 points). Award 10 additional promotion points to any soldier who completes a degree while on active duty. If recommended for SSG, the soldier must have completed the degree while in the grade of SGT. No promotion points are awarded for the completion of high school or GED.

DA policy is to award one and one-half promotion point for each semester hour successfully earned through attendance at a recognized regionally or nationally accredited college or university, regardless of the basis. Accreditation status is published in Directory of Postsecondary Institutions, Volume I and II published annually for the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation by the American Council on Education. Schools listed are accredited by regional, national, and specialized accrediting bodies. The publication is available at local education centers.

(1) For the purpose of awarding promotion points, one and one-half quarter hour is equal to one and one half promotion points. No distinction is made between correspondence, extension, or resident courses.

(2) Transcripts broken down by course and in the English language (student copies are acceptable) will be used to determine the number of hours earned. If transcript is in another language, transcript must be translated into English by an accredited institution listed in the ACE guide. Grade slips or reports may be used in place of transcripts providing the required information (number of hours, [semester or quarter], the school, and address) is on the slip/report and the slip or report is machine generated by the issuing institution. Credits listed on more than one transcript will be counted only once.

(3) College Level Entrance Program (CLEP) general and subject examinations, Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES), and American College Test (ACT) proficiency exams can be used for award of promotion points. A soldier who satisfactorily completes all five parts of the CLEP general examination (equivalent to 1 year in college or 30 semester hours) will be awarded 45 promotion points or will be considered to have earned the equivalent of 6 semester hours for each of the five parts satisfactorily completed. Soldiers who satisfactorily complete CLEP subject examinations, DANTES SSTs, or ACT proficiency exams will be awarded points based on the number of semester hours recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). Local Education Center will assist in determining the appropriate number of semester hours. Duplicate credit will not be awarded in any area. Local education centers will assist in resolving questions.

(4) Promotion points for military or civilian training or experience will only be awarded when accepted by a regionally accredited college or university (shown on transcript). American or Army Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) transcripts may not be used to determine promotion points in this case since they reflect ACE credit recommendations only. Education Centers may assist in the evaluations of college or trade school transcripts (for example, converting quarter, tri-semester hours, into semester hours). Continuing education units will not be used in computing promotion points.

Promotion points will be awarded for business or trade school and commercial correspondence courses from accredited schools. Accreditation will be determined as outlined in b(2) above. Completion certificates may be used in place of transcripts providing the number of course hours are listed. The following method will be used to equate business, trade school, and commercial correspondence course hours to semester hours for the purpose of determining the number of promotion points to be awarded:

(1) Determine the number of classroom hours or clock hours for which the individual has documentation.

(2) Divide the number of classroom hours or clock-hours by the number “ 16”.

(3) The result is the number of promotion points to be awarded. When the total on a transcript results in a fraction, the number of hours will be rounded down.

Use the following criteria for military training converted to civilian education. When there is more than one transcript from the same institution, use the most current one. If more than one institution has awarded credit, use the transcript awarding the most credits for military and or civilian training or experience. When one institution accepts military training converted to civilian education by another institution, promotion points based on such education will be awarded once. For example, if Central Texas College (CTC) transcript awards credit for courses taken at Montana State University (MSU), either the military training credits from CTC or MSU will be counted, but not both.

Soldiers having college credits from foreign colleges or universities will be awarded promotion points according to b above provided their credentials have been evaluated (evaluation must be a course-by-course breakdown) and accepted by one of the following:

(1) A State university or recognized university or college listed in the Accredited Institution of Post-secondary Education published by the ACE.

(2) International Education Research Foundation, P.O. Box 66940, Los Angeles, California, 90066.

(3) World Education Services, Inc., Old Chelsea Station, P.O. Box 745, New York, New York, 10011.

(4) International Consultants, Inc., of Delaware, 107 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, Delaware, 19711.

(5) Education Credentials Evaluation, Inc., P.O. Box 17499, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53217.

(6) Educational Records Evaluation Service, Senator Hotel Office Building, 1121 L Street, Suite 1000, Sacramento California, 95814.

(7) Consulting Engineers/Education Specialist, International Transcript Evaluation Division, P.O. Box 19576, Hous-ton, Texas 77224–9576.

(8) Center for Educational Documentation, P.O. Box 326, Boston, Massachusetts 02130.

(9) Education Evaluators International, Inc., P.O. Box 5397, Los Amitos, California 90721. f. The officer in charge (OIC), promotions branch may, at any time, require the soldier to obtain additional information when the validity or legibility of a transcript or form is in question. g. The following courses will not be authorized promotion points: Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP), Ad-vanced Skills Education Program (ASEP), English as a Second Language (ESL), GT Improvement.

To calculate points for civilian education, the PSB will total the semester hours from all civilian education source documents, then multiply by 1.5 to get the points awarded.

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