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Military Moves
Property Shipment Weight Allowances for Military Moves
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When one makes a permament change of station move in the United States military, the government will hire a contractor to pack and ship the member's personal property (furniture, clothes, books, ect.).

This includes the first move, from Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Technical School, or A-School to the member's first permament duty assignment. (It also includes the move *TO* AIT, Technical School, or A-School, if the length of the school [at a single location] is longer than 180 days).

In the above case, the military will hire a contractor to move property from the AIT/Technical School/A-School location, or any other location where the individual has property stored, or a combination of both, as long as the weight shipped doesn't exceed the authorizations shown on the below chart. If the weight exceeds the autorized limits, the member will be required to re-imburse the military for the cost of shipping the excess weight (at whatever rate the contractor charges the military).

When you receive written orders for a permament change of station, you take those orders to the Installation Transportation Management Office (TMO), Outbound Properties Section. They will brief you on your entitlements, complete the required paperwork, and arrange for a day for the shippers/packers to pick up your stuff. You do not have to be personally present when the packers/shippers arrive, however, there must be an adult there, who you authorize (in writing) to sign the shipping inventory on the day of packing/pickup.

Joint Federal Travel Regulations
Weight Allowances (Pounds)

Grade Permament Change of Station (PCS)
Permament Change of Station (PCS)
Temporary Duty Assignment (TDY)
O-10 18,000 18,000 2,000
O-9 18,000 18,000 1,500
O-8 18,000 18,000 1,000
O-7 18,000 18,000 1,000
O-6 18,000 18,000 800
O-5 16,000 17,500 800
O-4/W-4 14,000 17,000 800
O-3/W-3 13,000 14,500 600
O-2/W-2 12,500 13,500 600
O-1/W-1 10,000 12,000 600
E-9 12,000 14,500 600
E-8 11,000 13,500 500
E-7 10,500 12,500 400
E-6 8,000 11,000 400
E-5 7,000 9,000 400
E-4 7,000 8,000 400
E-3 and Below 5,000 8,000 225

Effective 1 Jan 2003


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