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Updated June 30, 2012

PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders and TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment) orders for a military member and their respective family members can become fairly overwhelming and complicated. PCS orders make a military member move from one base location to another for a specified or unspecified amount of time. TDY assignments are orders given to move to a certain location on a temporary basis, which could last a while, with the obligation that the member return to the original base.

Veterans of the U.S. Military, who've "been there, done that," have recently developed an online resource for military members and their families to ease the transition from one location to another. The site closely mimics the idea of "Craigslist," which is basically a free online classified forum. The unassociated "military-style" version is called, "SargesList."

SargesList helps the military community in many ways. There are over 500 bases worldwide. That being said, there are many things that this site offers assistance with, within each base area and beyond. Often times, military members prefer to deal within their own network. There's satisfaction of knowing the people you are dealing with have a similar military-type lifestyle, and they generally can be trusted more than others because they are dealing with those also involved in the military.

When one moves, there are many things to consider. One of the biggest concerns is the "new" house for sale. SargesList has an area for houses - buying and selling to make things easier for the military member to get the word out there, as there is generally no time to spare. You can also list and view rentals, temporary lodging, land for sale, etc. Housing swaps are even available.

These days, one is only fortunate to rely on one household income. SargesList makes it easier for a spouse or dependent of a loved one in the military to view job wanted ads that are military friendly. A military spouse or dependent can easily look online at posted listings in the area for jobs that are close to the assigned bases.

Things for sale.... Military members using SargesList can browse through classified listings, distinguished by each area, to buy and sell goods and material possessions quickly and conveniently. There are areas for furniture, clothing, toys, jewelry, books, electronics, appliances, antiques, pets and so on. There is even a huge subject area for vehicles, including boats, aircraft, SUV's, and recreational "toys." Buying and selling a used vehicle quickly is a common occurrence within the military community, as members are often deployed and unable to take their vehicle, and then need to buy one when the member returns.

One of the great things about SargesList, is the areas of "Services Offered," "Local," and "Military Life." In these areas lie classified advertisements for things to do in your new area, child friendly activities, services offering military discounts, wedding and photography information, restaurants, churches, and much more. There's even a segment for coupons and military discounts where one can view specials offered to military members, veterans and family members. Business owners who support military families can also take advantage of the free advertisement of their services to military members checking out SargesList. There are forums for military personnel, veterans, and civilians to personally offer input on specific location services and recommended opportunities. Overall, SargesList is a great way to support our troops and bring the community together.

Unlike other classified-based websites, SargesList has helpful tools in place that, when used, eliminate possible spam and scams. When a user registers for SargesList using their "dot mil" e-mail address, "Sarge," the site mascot, places his "paw of approval" on communications and listings. While a "dot mil" e-mail address is not necessary to register, knowing that certain listings and communications have been verified as military friendly and trustworthy can make all the difference. Furthermore, SargesList bases their locations around military bases for all the services. This makes buying, selling, trading, and advertising local services within a military-based community so much easier for someone new or leaving a certain area.

To get started, a user must register at www.sargeslist.com and follow the prompts. Once you've secured your name and password, you can start searching and listing for free. SargesList also offers upgrades for those who use the site more frequently. Overall, SargesList really does help military members, their families, and the community.


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