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Assignments & Moving

Military Assignments & Moving. Information and resources about the military assignments systems and moving information including entitlements, moving procedures, hold baggage, and household goods.
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A unique website offers free classifieds geared toward the use for military members, veterans, and their family members in order to better assist the military community as a whole with buying, selling, trading, and advertising military friendly goods and services.

DITY Moves
Normally, when a person in the military makes a move, the military hires a commercial contractor to pack and move their household goods (HHG). However, if the member does not wish to use a military contractor to move their personal property, there is an altnerative. The Personally Procured Move Program (formerly Do-it-Yourself [DITY] Move)is designed for the member who wants to move themselves.

The 20/20 plan, now known as the One Plus One Plan was approved in 1997. The current plan calls for all of the services to offer a single room (no roommate) to all single enlisted personnel by the year 2005. The plan will then move to the next phase, which will include giving all single enlisted personnel a two-room "suite."

Duty on the Korean DMZ
With only three enlisted watchstanders manning the Joint Duty Office at the Korean DMZ on a rotating schedule (One Navy Petty Officer and one Army and Air Force Noncommissioned Officer), the rotating 24- hour-days on duty can be long and tedious. However, the men take their duty seriously.

Enlisted Assignment Overview
Part 10 of What the Recruiter Never Told You, the ultimate guide to joining the United States Military. In Part 10, all about the military assignment system, including first duty station assignments, and travel benefits for military assignments.

Full Replacement Value for Lost/Damaged Property
Until this year, military members and Department of Defense civilian employees who had property loss or damage during a government funded move was only reimbursed for the value of the property, after depreciation was computed. This will change with the introduction of the Full Replacement Value (FRV) Protection Program.

Household Good Movement Changes
Full replacement value for lost or damaged items is among several changes taking effect in October as part of a new program called “Families First” which aims to improve the moving process for military families. Another benefit of the program is that servicemembers will now deal directly with the carrier to arrange direct delivery of household goods, thus alleviating the need for temporary storage.

Humanitarian Assignments
It's an unfortunate truth that sometimes during a military career, a member may experience a severe family hardship which requires his/her presence to resolve, with circumstances which make resolving it with emergency leave implacable.

Military Couples Assignments
Overview of military-married-to-military concerns including an explanation of how military couples are assigned (JOINT SPOUSE).

Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)
The Overseas Cost-of-Living Allowance, or COLA, is paid to Service Members to partially offset high costs when stationed overseas (including Alaska and Hawaii). COLA helps maintain purchasing power so military members can purchase about the same goods and services overseas as in the United States.

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
Active duty members who are stationed overseas (except for Alaska and Hawaii), and are authorized to live off base at government expense, do no receive a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Instead, they receive a different allowance, called Overseas Housing Allowance, or OHA.

2008 CONUS COLA Rates
CONUS (Continental United States) COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) is paid to military members who are stationed in areas of the United States which are considered to have a significantly higher cost of living than the national average.

2009 Military CONUS COLA
CONUS (Continental United States) COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) is paid to military members who are stationed in areas of the United States which are considered to have a significantly higher cost of living than the national average.

Pet Foster Care
Thanks to two nonprofit groups service members can now arrange foster care for their pets when they deploy in support of the war, serve tours where they can't take their pets, or even ship off to basic training!

Property Shipment
Informative article about shipping household goods for members of the military.

Property Shipment Weight Allowance Table
Table which lists the allowable weight of personal property shipment for permament change of station military moves.

Shipping Pets on Military Aircraft
Information about shipping pets on military aircraft.

U.S. Military Forces Leaving Iceland
The U.S. government has announced plans to remove its forces from Naval Air Station Keflavik, in Iceland, this fall, but reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to the island nation's security.

UK Travel Restrictions
New immigration regulations enacted by the United Kingdom require people visiting for more than six months to obtain entry clearance before travel. These new rules apply to military family members, as well as civilian personnel, contractors and their families. Active-duty military members on orders are exempt.

Apartment Locator
Locate apartments which specialize in military rentals. Apartment locator can find an appartment in the area of virtually any military base.

Automated Housing Referral Network
Requires *Free* Registration. DoD-sponsored site which makes locating a new house or selling/renting your old house during a PCS move much easier. Integrated database with rental listings around military bases, including descriptions and photos.

Base Classifieds
Got a washer/dryer to sell, or looking for a car to buy at the new base you just PCSed to? Try Baseclassifieds.com. BaseClassifieds is FREE for any military member.

Conversions for time, monetary exchanges, measurements, and more.

Drivers License Requirements
Will your spouse or children be required to get a new drivers license when you PCS? Check out this handy chart.

Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR)
The regulation which covers travel entitlements for military members and their dependents.

Military Installation Database
SITES is a database with extensive information about major military installations, intended for those making PCS moves. Access is restricted to members of the military, retirees, and dependents.

Relocation Information
Extensive information about making a PCS move in the U.S. Military.

So You Want to Become an Astronaut
It’s not a requirement to be in the military in order to become an astronaut, but many military personnel have gone on and done so.

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