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Flashlights - Illuminating The Dark

Modern Military Flashlights Serve A Number Of Purposes


Flashlights - Illuminating The Dark

With military operations increasingly taking place during the night time, U.S. soldiers are relying on the use of flashlights more than ever before.

Tactical Lights

U.S. Special Forces and other soldiers use tactical lights mounted on their rifles and guns to help them see in the dark. These lights have been made to be extremely light weight so they don’t impact a weapon’s balance and aim. They are also powered by long-lasting lithium batteries to ensure they are reliable when needed most. The tactical lights have been designed so that they can be added or removed from the top of a rifle or gun within a few seconds.

Some rail mounted tactical lights come with added features such as laser sighting and a strobe effect that is used to disorient enemies. The U.S. military, and other armed forces around the world, have been purchasing more sophisticated lights for their soldiers to help them during night time operations. Military patrols and combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are frequently carried out under cover of darkness.

High-Tech Flashlights

In addition to weapon-mounted tactical lights, the U.S. military also equips its soldiers with high-tech flashlights. These modern flashlights use long lasting, durable LED lights and lithium batteries. They are also extremely bright. Some flashlights used by the U.S. military are three times brighter than conventional flashlights, which helps illuminate hard to see areas.

Military flashlights are also waterproof and designed to withstand extreme temperature changes. Military flashlights can continue to function in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees Fahrenheit. Many military flashlights also come in a variety of colors and can be used to provide signals and messages to friendly troops in combat.

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