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Army Weapons

Information about United States Army weapon systems and technology.
  1. Infantry Weapons (11)

M203 Grenade Launcher - Explosive Firepower
The article looks at the intended purpose of the M203 grenade launcher and its role as an attachment to assault rifles such as the M16. The article also explores the history of the M203 and looks at future grenade launchers.

The M9 Pistol - Sidearm of American Soldiers
Article explores the M9 pistol and its ongoing role as the standard issue sidearm of American soldiers.

Armored Personnel Carriers - Modern Battle Buses
A look at the use of Armored Personnel Carriers to transport soldiers into combat zones. The article looks at the development and use of APCs over the years, and during different wars. The article also explores the variety of weapons that can be used on APCs.

The Swiss Army Knife - A Multi-Tool for Soldiers
An article about the versatile and quirky Swiss Army Knife. The article looks at the history and development of the Swiss Army Knife and its enduring popularity.

GPS - An Important Technology to U.S. Troops
A look at the growing use and importance of GPS devices to the U.S. military and soldiers fighting in combat zones and desert environments.

Hand Grenades - One of the Oldest Wepons
Article looks at the origins of hand grenades and the variety of grenades used in modern combat.

Night Vision Devices - Seeing In The Dark
A description of Night Vision Devices and their ability to provide soldiers with a tactical advantage in combat.

Rocket-Propelled Grenades - Use in Modern Warfare
A look at the use of Rocker-Propelled Grenades in modern warfare and the continued popularity of the weapon. Describes how RPGs continue to fulfill their original mandate to destory tanks and other armored vehicles.

AH-64D Apache Longbow -- Attack Helicopter
A look at the evolution of the Apache helicopter. The article explores how the helicopter has moved beyond its original anti-armor role to provide close air support and escort capabilities to the U.S. military. The article also looks at the role the helicopter plays among foreign militaries, and various upgrades since the helicopter first became operational in 1975.

Smoke Grenades - Multiple Roles on the Battlefield
A look at the multiple use of smoke grenades, which provide cover for soldiers and vehicles in combat situations and are also used to help soldiers communicate on the field of battle.

The Abrams Tank - Next Generation
A description of the upcoming fourth generation of Abrams tank - the M1A3 model. The article looks at the U.S. Army's plans to upgrade and enhance the venerable Abrams tank and keep it in active service until the year 2050. The article also explores the history of the tank - along with its successes and difficulties.

The M4 Carbine Assault Rifle -- History and Future
A look at the history and use of one of the most popular military weapons in modern times. Article explores the weapons that are being considered to replace the M4 assult rifle and meet the future needs of militaries.

The M110 Sniper Rifle -- Weapon of Choice
Description of the M110 Sniper System and its use in modern warfare. Article looks at how the weapon's design and features have enhanced the capabilities of the U.S. military in combat zones and hostile fighting environments.

Stryker Armored Vehicle
The Stryker, the U.S. Army’s newest class of armored vehicle, is at the forefront of the service’s efforts to make its armored forces lighter and faster.

Bradley Fighting Vehicle
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is mainly used to shuttle infantry to key positions on the battlefield, while keeping its crew safe from harm.

M1A1 Abrams Tank
The M1A1 Abrams Tank, described by military experts as the backbone of the U.S. armored forces, has been in use for two decades.

Body Ventilation System
our military men and women in Iraq and Kuwait routinely experience temperatures which exceed 120 degrees. To make matters worse, Soldiers can't run around on the battle fields wearing shorts and a tank top. Instead, they perform their missions wearing several pounds of body armor. The Army may have found a way to help recude heat-related injuries and keep our soliders more comfortable.

The Crusher
The vehicle weighs 14,000 pounds fully fueled, and is designed to carry a 3,000-pound payload. Crusher is a highly mobile vehicle designed from the outset to be unmanned.

Virtual Combat Simulator
The Army's Engagement Skills Trainer is an interactive combat simulator. Using the EST, Soldiers encounter virtual combat engagements and receive instant feedback from the computer on every shot fired, without the costs or safety risks of firing real ammunition.

Battlefield Kitches
Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “an army fights on its stomach.” On today’s battlefields, Soldier-chefs deploy a mobile food service system that meet the challenge presented by Soldier’s stomachs in a matter of hours. Once a containerized kitchen arrives on site, it can be fully operational within 45 minutes, and within three hours have enough food prepared to feed 800 troops.

Future Battlefield Communications
A satellite-based communications systems for combat vehicles is now being evaluated by the Battle Command Battle Lab at Fort Gordon, GA. Lighter, smaller, mobile and more efficient are the waves of future battlefield communications. The goal is to link several military vehicles, such as HUMVEEs using satellites, so that distance and physical obstacles are no longer issues between two points.

Future Army Warrior Technology
The Army showcased its Future Force Warrior system, the latest in war-fighting technology, at Soldier Modernization Day on Capitol Hill June 16 (2005).

M-107 Long Range Sniper Rifle
The Army has approved its new long-range .50-caliber sniper rifle, the M-107, for full materiel release to Soldiers in the field. The M107 was funded as a Soldier Enhancement Program to type classify a semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle for the Army and other military services. It underwent standard type classification in August 2003.

Raven UAV
The Raven could very well be “the little engine that could” of the unmanned aerial vehicle fleet. This small UAV weighs just four and a half pounds with a five-foot wingspan.

M109A6 Paladin 155mm Howitzer
At 32 tons with the ability to fire up to four rounds per minute, the M109A6 Paladin 155mm self propelled Howitzer is the most technologically advanced cannon system in the US Army’s vast field artillery arsenal.

EOD Robots
Whenever an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician heads downrange, one thing is certain: the robot goes first. Since their EOD inception, robotic systems have saved numerous lives by helping to wipe away the threat of improvised explosive devices and vehicle- orne IEDs encountered daily throughout the Iraqi theater of operations.

Future Infantry Uniform -- Year 2025
The year is 2025 and the well-dressed infantry man this fashion season is sporting the newest look -- Dressed in black from head to toe and wearing a helmet that allows barely a glimpse of his face.

Assault Kitchen
The ability to quickly feed hot meals to forward-deployed, fast-moving warfighters is what the Army will gain when the Assault Kitchen delivers its heat-on-the-move capability to the field.

The Gator -- The New Military Jeep?
It's common throughout several Coalition-maintained bases in Afghanistan to see small green- or tan-colored, all-terrain vehicles maneuvering through the country's rocky, dusty terrain, hauling equipment and personnel from one place to another.

Future Warrior -- The Army's Future Combat System
Two uniform systems are under development. The Future Force Warrior system will be available for fielding to soldiers in 2010. The Vision 2020 Future Warrior system, which will follow on the concept of the 2010 Future Force Warrior system, is scheduled to be ready 10 years later. The new systems include a weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, onboard computer network, soldier-worn power sources, and enhanced human performance.

Soldiers in Iraq to Get New Equipment
All Soldiers in Iraq will be issued fourteen pieces of new Army equipment from the Rapid Fielding Initiative. RFI is a system set up by PEO. Responsibilities to the Army include testing and fielding improved equipment and gear. Since 2002, it has received a total of $1.2 billion in funding.

Greatest Army Inventions of the Year for 2004
The Army has named the top ten Army inventions of the Year (2003). The winning inventions include a zinc-air battery, life-saving medical equipment, the first antipersonnel round for the Abrams tank and camera equipment to inspect caves.

Army Weapons & Equipment
Photos, descriptions, and facts about various Army weapons systems and equipment.

Photographs of U.S. Army Helicopters in action.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles
The Demo III is the Army Research Lab's newest experimental unmanned vehicle. It is often sent instructions from an operator control unit that is housed in a Humvee. The goal is for the vehicle to serve as a scout and conduct route reconnaissance. As the Demo III rolls through the terrain, it gathers data on its surroundings.

Army Technology
Information about United States Army weapon systems and technology.

Army "Aircraft" Carrier?
More than 30 years have passed since the last Army helicopter landed onboard an Army ship, but Army aviators began a new chapter in history March 25 (2004) when they landed two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters aboard a new test vessel in the Yellow Sea.

Army Catamaran
The Spearhead, hull number TSV-1X, which stands for "Theater Support Vessel - 1st Experimental, still bears a few reminders of its nine-year civilian past as a high-speed ferry between the Australian mainland and Tasmania. The Spearhead is the latest catamaran with which the military has been experimenting for the last two years after seeing similar craft operated by the Australian navy.

Lightweight MLRS
For the first time, the Army's High Mobility Artillery Rocket System was combat loaded with rockets, flown by C-130 to an Assault Landing Zone on Fort Sill, was downloaded and then fired a six-round live-fire mission.

Liquid Body Armor
Liquid armor for Kevlar vests is one of the newest technologies being developed at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to save Soldiers' lives. This type of body armor is light and flexible, which allows soldiers to be more mobile and wont hinder an individual from running or aiming his or her weapon.

Marksmanship Simulator
A new computer-generated training system called the EST 2000 will replace the Weaponeer, a marksmanship training aid that has been in commission for more than 30 years. In a recent test, nearly all the Soldiers showed excellent improvements within minutes of training with the new EST 2000.

New Army Assault Rifle
A strategy change at the Program Executive Office, Soldier has speeded up the development of a potential replacement of the Army's assault weapons. The XM29 is an integrated dual-munitions bursting weapon. It has an over and under barrel with a fire control. The top barrel fires bursting munitions using a fire control that programs the round, telling it where to explode.

New Army Shotgun
Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab’s lightweight shotgun system is undergoing operational inspection and test firing for 200 shotguns to be fielded to the 10th Mountain Division for future use in Afghanistan.

New Parachute Coming Soon
Airborne Soldiers should expect to see a new parachute system in the next few years that will replace the T-10 model that has been in use since the 1950s. The Advanced Tactical Parachute System is expected to decrease the landing impact velocity for jumpers, provide a more reliable reserve system than the Modified Improved Reserve Parachute System of the T-10 and improve the harness.

"Sci Fi" Weapons
The technology behind space ship lasers and force fields is a lot closer to reality than many think. Although those lasers and force fields won't be fielded for a few more years, the Army has identified what they want for the Army's Future Combat System.

Shadow UAV -- Army Spy in the Sky
The Shadow 200 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system provides brigade-level commanders with real-time intelligence of what is happening on the ground - day or night, while being virtually undetectable. The secret is its ability to fly at extremely high altitudes while using advanced imaging systems capable of seeing from great distances.

Water From Vehicle Exhaust
The Army is nearing the end of testing a pump that will make potable water from vehicle exhaust. In development for three years, the pumps when fielded may cost about $25,000 each. For every two gallons of fuel, the pump can make about one gallon of water.

The Humvee - Popular with Soldiers and Civilians
An article that looks at the multiple roles performed by the Humvee, and the vehicle's enduring popularity with soldiers and civilians.

Mortars - Accurate and Deadly
An article about mortars and their role in modern combat. The article looks at the purpose, design and history of mortars, and the ways they are used by today's soldiers.

Ambulances - Saving Lives on the Battlefield
An article that looks at the modern role of ambulances on the battlefield. The article discusses the vehicles used as ambulances, and the fact the ambulances are unarmed in war zones.

Auto Assault-12 Shotgun - Lethal Weapon
An article about the Auto Assault-12 shotgun and its role with the U.S. Marine Corps. The article examines the shotgun's capabilities, development, and use in modern warfare.

Stinger Missiles - Targeting Aircraft
Article about the surface-to-air Stinger Missile and its use in attacking aircraft by soldiers on the ground. Article explores the popularity and ongoing use of Stinger Missiles by militaries around the world.

Sunscreen - An Essential Part Of Soldiers' Kit
An article about the important role that sunscreen plays in dessert combat environments.

Flares - Illuminating Enemy Positions
An article about the way in which flares are used to signal soldiers and illuminate enemy targets and positions.

The Rhino Runner - World's Toughest Bus
Article about the Rhino Runner, the world's toughest bus. The article looks at the use of the Rhino Runner to transport VIP personnel around dangerous areas of Iraq.

Gun Trucks - Protecting Convoys From Attack
An article about military gun trucks and their use in Iraq and other combat zones. The article looks at the central role of gun trucks to protect military convoys traveling in dangerous environments.

Landmines - An Explosive Issue
An article about the issue of banning landmines and their use in modern warfare. The article centers on the debate that is underway in Washington, D.C. concerning whether the U.S. should sign the international Mine Ban Treaty.

Flamethrowers - One Of The Most Controversial Weapons
An article about the controversy surrounding flamethrowers and their use in combat.

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle - New Marine Transport
An article about the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle that is being designed and developed for the U.S. Marine Corps. The article looks at the role the vehicle will play in future combat operations.

M242 Bushmaster - Popular Weapon Of The U.S. Military
An article about the widely used M242 Bushmaster chain gun. The article looks at the design and use of this deadly weapon of the U.S. military.

M104 Wolverine - Safely Moving Troops and Equipment
An article about the M104 Wolverine, a unique vehicle that allows the U.S. Army to deploy a mobile bridge and ensure that military vehicles are able to continue their mission and reach their destination.

Light Dazzlers - Disorienting The Enemy
An article about non-lethal light dazzlers and their use in modern warfare to diorient and temporarily blind enemy soldiers.

Advanced Combat Helment - Protecting Soldiers
An article about the Advanced Combat Helmet and its use in modern warfare. The article looks at the wide distribution of the helmet, and its improvements over previous versions of military helmet.

M249 Light Machine Gun -- Accurate and Deadly
An article about the M249 light machine gun and its use by the U.S. military.

M9 Bayonet - Multi-Purpose Weapon
An article on the M9 Bayonet and its role with the U.S. Army.

The Javelin Missile - Targeting Tanks and Helicopters
An article about the FGM-148 Javelin missile system and its use in modern combat.

Cougar - Protection Against IEDs
An article about the Cougar vehicle and its role in protecting soldiers against land mines and improvised explosive devices.

The Guardian - Used By Military Police
An article about the Guardian Armored Security Vehicle and its special role with military police and convoy security units.

Patriot Missiles - Effective In Combat
An article about the Patriot missile and its use in modern combat.

Flashlights - Illuminating The Dark
An article about military flashlights and how the tool has evolved over the years.

Flameless Ration Heater - Meals To Go
An article about flameless ration heaters and their use in preparing meals for soldiers in the field.

Napalm - Still Used As A Weapon
An article about the present day use of napalm as a weapon in combat.

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