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Army OCS

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Who May Apply:

  • Active Army warrant officers or enlisted members who have completed AIT and reported to their first permanent duty station may apply.
  • Soldiers assigned to overseas commands may apply at any time, but may not normally be permitted to return to the continental United States (CONUS) for OCS attendance before completing five-sixths of the prescribed overseas tour ( AR 614-30).
  • Former commissioned officers may apply if their only commissioned service was performed in one of the Armed Force's early commissioning programs for students in the health professions.
  • Commissioned warrant officers may apply.
  • Warrant officers and enlisted personnel of the USAR not on active duty may apply (see AR 140-50).
  • Warrant officers and enlisted personnel of the Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) may apply as prescribed by the Chief, National Guard Bureau. Guidance in National Guard Regulation (NGR) 351-5 will be followed.

Who May Not Apply:

  • They are presently conscientious objectors (Note: Previous conscientious objectors Applicants who previously were conscientious objectors will attach an affidavit stating abandonment of such beliefs and principles. This statement will show that the applicant is willing to bear arms and give full and unqualified service to the United States. If the applicant has demonstrated a change of views by later military service, the affidavit should so state. (See DA Form 61 (Application for Appointment), item 24.) 1-9.
  • Their selection would clearly not be in the interests of national security.
  • They have been separated from any of the Armed Forces under conditions of a nonwaivable disqualification for enlistment (AR 601-210).
  • They are, or have been, commissioned officers (except commissioned warrant officers) in any component of the Armed Forces. (See above for exception.)
  • They have been alerted or are on orders for overseas movement, unless the application was submitted to the unit commander before alert or receipt of assignment instructions at the installation.
  • They are under suspension of favorable personnel actions for military personnel (AR 600-8-2).
  • They are attending, alerted for, or on orders to the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) as a student. Graduates of DLIFLC must complete a minimum 1-year language utilization assignment before they are eligible to attend OCS.
  • They are warrant officer flight training candidates or warrant officers attending a rotary wing aviator course. They are not eligible to attend OCS until they have completed a 1-year utilization tour.
  • They are Physician Assistant (PA) warrant officers attending Phase II, PA training. They are not eligible to attend OCS until they have completed 2 years of utilization.
  • They are enrolled in AIT.
  • They are in a temporary duty (TDY) status.
  • They are in Basic Combat Training (BCT).
  • They would be over 34 years of age when appointed as a commissioned officer.
  • They have been scheduled to attend or are attending Drill Instructors School. Graduates of Drill Instructor School must serve a minimum of 2 years as a Drill Sergeant prior to applying for OCS.
  • They are a nonselect from any Department of the Army Board.
  • They have not successfully completed an officer's commissioning program.
  • They are attending Warrant Office Candidate School or a Warrant Officer MOS-producing school.

Application Process

For current military, the very first thing you want to do is to check with your chain-of-command (Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Commander) about applying for OCS. If your chain-of-command won't support you, your application is "dead on arrival." As with civilian applications, the process begins with completing a DA Form 61, Application for Appointment. On the DA Form 61, in item 6, applicants will indicate at least 10 branch preferences in order of preference.

Required preferences

    (1) Male applicants. 2-combat arms, 2-combat support arms, and 2-combat service support arms. One combat arms branch must be among the first three choices. The remaining four branch choices will be at the applicant's discretion.

    (2) Female applicants. 1-combat arms (excluding IN and AR), 2-combat support arms, 2-combat service support arms. The remaining five choices will be at the applicant's discretion.

    (3) Warrant Officer Aviators. Warrant Officer aviators who wish to be commissioned aviators will list AV as their only branch choice.

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