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U.S. Army Administrative Promotion Points for E-5/E-6
Military Education
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NCOES courses. Award 4 points per week for completion of PLDC and BNCOC. PLDC equivalency; points will be awarded based on the active component duration and equivalency must be approved prior to awarding points. Only resident courses are authorized promotion points under this rule. Nonresident courses will be awarded points under correspondence course rules outlined below.

Soldiers completing Ranger School will be awarded 32 points and soldiers completing Special Forces Qualification Course will be awarded 60 points. When the Ranger School Course exceeds 8 weeks or the Special Forces Course exceeds 15 weeks, 4 points per week will be awarded. All phases of the course must be completed in order to receive promotion points under this provision.

The awarding of 4 points per week is authorized for battalion level or higher training that are at least 1 week in duration (40 hours is equivalent to 1 week). Courses conducted at company, battery, troop, and detachment level are not authorized promotion points. Training must be coordinated, consolidated, and conducted at battalion or higher level. Training will be annotated on a DA Form 87 (Certificate of Training), must have been completed during duty hours and funded by the military. DA Form 87 must be signed by a field grade officer serving in an LTC or higher position. Ordinary leave and permissive TDY are not considered as duty time. Civilian certificates of completion for military training are not authorized promotion points unless issued on a DA Form 87. Promotion points will not be awarded for duplicate military training. For example, soldier attends Combat Lifesaver Course and completes the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) Combat Lifesaver Course, then he/she will only get points for one course, not both.

Promotion points for completion of military correspondence, extension, or nonresident subcourses are as follows:

(1) Determine the number of credit hours completed for subcourses, divide that number by five (1 point for each 5 subcourse hours). The result is the number of promotion points to be awarded. Less than 5 subcourse hours receives no promotion points and fractions will be dropped (for example, 13 subcourse hours are worth 2 points).

(2) Promotion points will not be awarded for duplicate subcourses.

(3) Promotion points are not authorized for Air Force correspondence courses unless they are reflected on a transcript showing successful completion of the course examination (CE). Promotion points are not authorized for Volume Review Exercise (VRE).

(4) Courses or sub-courses (as announced by PERSCOM) completed through National Cryptological School (NCS) non-resident program will be awarded promotion points using the criteria in this paragraph.

(5) Marine Corps Correspondence Course.

Headstart courses are authorized promotion points. Subsequent headstart courses in the same language will not be authorized promotion points.

All other courses successfully completed of at least one week duration (40 hours) will be awarded 4 points per week. No promotions points will be awarded when the course is less than 40 hours in duration. However, when a soldier has two or more DA Forms 87 that are less than 40 hours the forms may be combined and if the total is 40 or more hours promotion points will be granted.

Promotion points are not authorized for completion of basic combat training, advanced individual training, MOS producing schools, MOS proficiency training (training that is directly related to job description as outlined in DA PAM 611–21), or new equipment training (NET). For example, if the training results in award of an MOS/LIC or is required for the individual to hold or stay proficient in an MOS/LIC, then, points are not awarded. This restriction does not apply to the Special Forces Qualification Course, further career development training, BNCOC, or the Army Recruiter Course (ARC).

Promotion points for SQI or ASI courses are authorized providing the ASI or SQI is not mandatory for the award of an MOS. Use DA PAM 611–21 in making these determinations.

Credits are authorized for courses successfully completed by former officers provided the course was not closed to qualified enlisted soldiers on active duty (for example, Master Fitness Trainers Course or Defense Language Institute). Soldiers are not eligible for promotion points for attendance at OCS or WOCC.

Courses completed successfully in other U.S. uniformed services are awarded points on the same basis as those for U.S. Army courses.

USMAPS/United States Military Academy (USMA): promotion points will not be awarded for attendance under military education. However, promotion points will be awarded under civilian education for semester hours earned.

On-the-job training (OJT) and on-the-job experience (OJE) does not qualify for the award of promotion points. This includes Sergeant’s Time Training.

Fifty promotion points for military education are authorized for successful completion of the Level II Commander Certification Test (TCCT–11 and SCCT–11). This test will serve as the proponent certification for MOS 19D, 19E, and 19K.

Fifty promotion points for military education are authorized for proponent certification for MOS 88K and 88L (must be PMOS or PRMOS) based on the marine certificate applicable for grade. o. Promotion points are not authorized for courses not open to SGT and below (such as ANCOC or Battle Staff).

EMT certification. Promotion points for EMT certification will be made as shown below. The certification must not be expired at time of promotion. If the certification has expired, the soldier will be notified and the promotion suspended. If the soldier cannot produce certification that is current during the month of promotion, the points will be removed. If a soldier later produces a new certificate, a promotion point adjustment will be made effective the first day of the second month following input into the TAPDB. The National Registry is the official source document.

(1) EMT Basic Certification – 20 promotion points

(2) EMT Intermediate Certification – 30 promotion points

(3) EMT Paramedic Certified – 40 points q. Medical MOS proficiency training (for example, EMT training) is not authorized promotion points.

Reservist schools. Schools attended while as a reservist are valid for promotion points provided the soldier requires no additional training to perform duties required on active duty. Points will be awarded based on the active component schooling duration as listed in DA PAM 351–4.

Promotion points. Promotion points are authorized for the airdrop load inspector certification (ALIC) assembly course, RAM–AIR parachute system course, and free fall auto ripcord release course.

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