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Silver Star


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9 July 1918, as a product of an Act of Congress (65th Congress, Sess II, Chapter 143, page 873), the Citation Star was established. The War Department Bulletin No. 43 dated 1918, announced the Citation Star's confirmation. Soldiers recognized for gallantry in action in earlier campaigns back to the Spanish-American war were retroactively issued the award. General Jervey, Office of the Chief of Staff, on 25 February 1926 quoted in part wrote: The Secretary of War directs as follows - The following is the amended version of paragraph 187 of Army Regulation: "No more than one Medal of Honor or one Distinguished Service Cross or one Distinguished Service Medal shall be issued to any one person, but for each succeeding or act sufficient to justify the award of a Medal of Honor or Distinguished Service Cross or Distinguished Service Medal, respectively, a bronze oak leaf cluster, shall be issued in lieu thereof; and for each citation of an officer or enlisted man for gallantry in action, published in orders from headquarters of a force commanded by a general officer, not warranting the issue of a Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross or Distinguished Service Medal, he shall wear a silver star, 3/16 inch in diameter, as prescribed in Uniform Regulations." The Citation Star was to be worn above the clasp, on the ribbon of the service medal for the campaign for service that the citation was issued, per Army Regulation 600-40, paragraph 48, September 27, 1921.

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