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Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross


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The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross was awarded by the Vietnam Government to honor military members that had performed acts of valor or showed heroic conduct in the midst of fighting the enemy and were cited individually at the regiment, brigade, division, corps, or armed forces level.
U.S. Military units were individually cited for award of the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) Gallantry Cross, however, the Vietnamese Government issued the award to all units subordinate to Military Assistance Command (MACV) during the time span of 8 February 1962 and 28 March 1973 and to U.S. Army Vietnam and its subordinate units for the time span 20 July 1965 to 28 March 1973. This authorizes all personnel who served in Vietnam to be awarded the RVN Gallantry Cross unit citation.

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