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Legion of Merit


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Description (Commander)
Legion of Merit
The Legion of Merit designated as Commander is 2 1/4 inches of width. It is an White star of five reversed points, each tipped with a Gold ball, surrounded by Crimson on a Green laurel wreath connecting at the bottom with a Gold bow-know (rosette). A Blue circle surrounded by Gold clouds is in the middle with 13 White stars set in the pattern that is on the United States Coat of Arms. Arrows, crossed and pointing outwards are contained in the wreath flanked by each star point. At the top in a v-shaped angle, is a Gold laurel wreath joined to an oval ring to the 1 15/16 inch wide neck ribbon. On the reverse side of the star is enameled in White, with a Crimson border. Space is available for the recipient's name on a circle bordered by the words "ANNUIT COEPTIS MDCCLXXXII." The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" are on an outer scroll. The only difference between the ribbon for this and the Chief Commander is that the attachment is Silver.

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