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Legion of Merit


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Legion of Merit

From left to right: LOM (Chief Commander), LOM (Commander), LOM (Officer), and LOM (Legionnaire)

The Legion of Merit is awarded to members of armed forces of foreign nations according to the plane of responsibility of the receiver of the award. Army Regulation 672-7 qualifies the four degrees based upon the standard on the qualified rank of position of the receiver of the award: The Chief Commander is awarded to a Chief of State of Head of Government; Commander is awarded to one that is the equivalent of an U.S. military Chief of Staff or higher position but not to Chief of State; Officer is awarded to General of Flag Officer below the equivalent of a U.S. military Chief of Staff, Colonel or equivalent rank for service in assignments equivalent to those normally held by a General or Flag Officer in U.S. military service or Military Attaches; Legionnaire is awarded to a recipients not included in any of the other three.

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