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Air Medal


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The Air Medal is awarded to a person serving with the Army that has set himself/herself apart from his/her comrades by meritorious achievement while involved in aerial flight. The award may be made upon the acknowledgment of single acts of merit or heroism, or for meritorious service. The award of Air Medal is chiefly meant to acknowledge either current crew member or non-crew member flying status that demands the individual to be involved in aerial fight as a consistent part of their principal duties, though it is also awarded to personnel whose combat duties demand consistent flying in that which is not a passenger status or the performance of an especially remarkable act while in the position of a crew member but not on flying status. To be awarded the medal, an evident contribution to the operational land combat mission or to the mission of the aircraft in flight must have been made. Individuals whose combat activities demand them to fly include those in attack elements of units engaged in air-land assaults against an armed enemy and those directly engaged in airborne command and run of combat operations. The aforementioned activities, usually at the brigade/group level and below, ascertain eligibility for the award, but the measure of heroism, meritorious accomplishment or commendable service will verify who will be awarded the Air Medal. It will not be awarded to persons that use air transportation only for the means of traveling from place to place in a combat zone.

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