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Army Commendation Medal


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Background (Cont)

The D/PA, in a DF dated 29 April 1948 to the Quartermaster General, the Personnel & Admin. Division revealed that a medal pendant had been approved for the Commendation Ribbon by the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force. It was then asked that a projected design be made ready. On 8 July 1948 the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force both approved the design.

Department of the Army (DA) Circular 91 (AF Letter 35-25) dated 20 July 1949 publicized the Medal Pendant for the Commendation Ribbon. The Medal pendant was approved by the Secretary of the Navy on 20 March 1950, and permitted use of the same medal with a different ribbon on 6 April 1950. The Commendation Ribbon with Medal Pendant was renamed to the Army Commendation Medal by DA General Order No. 10, dated 31 March 1960.

A note to the Secretary of Defense, dated 1 June 1962 by President Kennedy sanctioned the award of the Army Commendation Medal to a member of the military service of a friendly foreign country who, after 1 June 1962, distinguishes himself/herself by an act of heroism, extraordinary achievement, or meritorious service if it has been of a joint benefit to both his/her nation and the United States.

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