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Enlisting in the Army, Step-by-Step


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Waiting it Out
Enlisting in the Army, Step-by-Step

Members of the Army's Delayed Entry Program (DEP) talk with Tony Schumacher, driver of "The Sarge," the Army-sponsored Top Fuel Dragster, while he signs autographs for them at one of the NHRA races at the Bristol (Tenn.) Speedway.

Official Army Photo

The waiting period in the Delayed Enlistment Program is probably the hardest thing about the enlistment process. The Army recruits for several months in advance. Depending on job and training availability, you may have to wait for several months to ship out to basic training, or your waiting time could be as little as a week.

While waiting in the DEP, you'll meet with your recruiter periodically. How often is up to the recruiting station. Most hold weekly DEP meetings, but often only one meeting per month is mandatory. Often the recruiter will arrange for guest speakers, such as recently graduated recruits, or senior recruiting officials. Your recruiter will also use these meetings to help get you ready for basic training and your Army career. In fact, you can even be promoted while in the Army DEP, by accomplishing a DEP "Task List," by learning certain Army subjects, such as Military Time, Drill and Ceremonies, General Orders, Rank Structures, Phonetic Alphabet, First Aid, Land Navigation, and passing the Army Physical Fitness test.

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