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Enlisting in the Army, Step-by-Step


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So, You Want to Become a Soldier?
Harlem Parade Honors African-American Army Regiment From WWII
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Congratulations on your decision to enlist in the United States Army! (Well, maybe you haven't actually made that decision yet, but you're reading this article, which means you must be interested.)

The Army is the largest of our Nation's military services and has the greatest need for recruits. In fact, this year the active duty Army enlisted more new recruits than the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, combined!

What does that mean to a potential recruit interested in enlisting in the Army? Of all the services, the Army offers the most enlistment incentives, including the highest enlistment bonuses, more education funds (to supplement the G.I. Bill), various enlistment options, and is the only service which includes guaranteed job-training in every single enlistment contract.

Additionally, the Army has the reputation of being the most lenient service when it comes to approving waivers for medical/criminal disqualification factors.

Now, that doesn't mean if you fail to meet the DOD's standards for enlistment, that the Army will definately let you in. Each waiver request is individually evaluated, based on its own individual merits. However, your chances of receiving favorable waiver consideration from the Army is probably significantly better than any of the other branches.

So, how do you become one of the 80,000 new Soldiers who will enlist in the Army this year?

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