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United States Army Enlistment Programs
Program 9D - Officer/Warrant Officer Enlistment Program

Available to: Qualified applicants with or without prior military service enlisting for 3 years. If enlisting for Officer Candidate School (OCS) must have received a baccalaureate or higher degree. If enlisting for Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT), must be a high school graduate. Applicants in their senior year of either high school or of a 4- year college program may be enlisted into the Delayed Entry Program contingent upon successful completion of high school (WOFT) or receipt of a BA/BS (OCS). Foreign transcripts must be evaluated. All applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Description of program. Guarantees qualified applicants enrollment in OCS or WOFT upon successful completion of Basic Training (if required). Enlistment forms will specify program for which the applicant I enlisting (OCS or WOFT).

Prerequisites that must be met before enlistment.

a. If enlisting for OCS, the applicant must-

1. Meet the basic eligibility criteria for enlistment as modified by this enlistment program.

2. Possess documentary proof of having received a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated according to table 2-1 of this regulation. Applicants in their senior year of a college program leading to the award of a baccalaureate degree may be enlisted in the DEP if a letter or transcript is provided indicating expected graduation date.

3. Be a U.S. citizen.

4. Not have 10 or more years active military service, nor will have more than 10 years active military service at time of commission. (Applicants with 9 years active military service at time of application should be carefully processed to ensure that enlistment date and expected graduation date allow commissioning before reaching the 10th year of service.)

5. Be at least 19 years of age and not have passed their 29th birth date at time of Regular Army enlistment.

6. Meet medical standards prescribed for officer candidates according to AR 40-501.

7. Meet the weight (body fat) standards of AR 600-9, regardless of category (NPS, Glossary NPS, and PS).

b. If enlisting for WOFT, the applicant must-

1. Meet the basic eligibility criteria for enlistment as modified by this enlistment program.

2. Possess documentary proof of having received a high school diploma or higher education degree. It is preferred that applicants have at least 2 years of college. (HSDG status is under the definition of this regulation.)

3. Be at least 19 years of age and not have passed their 29th birth date at time of RA enlistment.

4. Regardless of enlistment type (PS, NPS, and so forth), meet the provisions of AR 600-9.

5. Be not taller than 76 inches or shorter than 64 inches in height.

6. Agree to accept appointment or commission as a warrant officer for an indefinite term in the USAR and serve on Active Duty for not less than 72 months after successful completion of Flight Training.

7. Undergo a complete type "A" medical examination for class "1" flight prescribed by AR 40-501. Report of such examination will include electrocardiographic tracing and optomology consultation. Class "1" flight physical are required to be approved by the Aeromedical Center, Fort Rucker, AL, before RA accession.

8. Not have attended or have been eliminated or graduated from previous course of military-sponsored flight or preflight instruction program.

9. Be a U.S. citizen.

10. Possess a favorable National Agency Check (NAC).

11. Meet all prerequisites and processing requirements established under this program.

Prerequisites that must be met after enlistment.

a. If enlisting for OCS, applicants must-

1. Successfully complete Basic Training.

2. Successfully complete advanced physical fitness examination at Fort Benning, GA, before OCS enrollment.

3. Successfully qualify for personal security clearance before OCS graduation. Have completed NAC/ENTNAC before OCS enrollment. Must Qualify for a SECRET clearance before commissioning.

4. Maintain high standard of conduct and efficiency before and during OCS enrollment. Persons failing to maintain high standards may be subject to disenrollment and elimination from the OCS program under the provisions of AR 351-5.

b. If enlisting for WOFT, applicants must-

1. Successfully complete Basic Combat Training (BCT).

2. Successfully complete the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and flight officer indoctrination. (Persons not required to attend BCT will be sent directly to WOCS).

Information for applicants. Applicants will be informed of the following:

a. Enlistment for OCS.

1. Army OCS is conducted at Fort Benning, GA, and is 14 weeks in duration. Branches in which officers are trained vary according to the needs of the Army. These needs are greater in Combat Arms than in other branches.

2. Applicants must fully understand that the OCS preference statement makes or implies no guarantee of OCS assignment or branch of commissioning.

3. Graduates normally are commissioned in one of the following branches: Infantry, Armor, Medical Service Corp, Signal, Engineers, Field Artillery, Transportation, Quartermaster, Finance, Chemical, Ordnance, Military Intelligence, Adjutant General, Military Police, and Air Defense Artillery. This list is subject to change without notice.

4. Training for OCS is designed to place the soldier in and under physical, mental, and emotional pressure to simulate the stress and fatigue of combat. From the date of entry into the Army the soldier will undergo extensive and intense training until graduating from OCS.

5. Officer candidates are appointed to grade E-5 while attending OCS. (Criteria of b(3) below applies to OCS also.)

b. Enlistment for WOFT.

1. To be eligible for primary flight training, enlistees must complete the 6-week WOCS course (described in DA Pam 351-4 or DA Pam 95-1) at the U.S. Army Aviation Center, Fort Rucker, AL.

2. Applicants will be made aware of the nature of flight training and responsibilities that warrant officers assume.

3. Those who fail to meet the requirements of line 5a and b, above, or who voluntarily withdraw from the WOFT Program will be required to serve the remainder of their enlistment as an enlisted member.

4. Warrant officer candidates are promoted to grade E-5 while attending WOFT (at entry into the WOCS). Individuals in b(3), above, will be reduced in grade as determined by the school commandant.

5. Class dates are tentative and may be changed by HQDA.

6. Applicant will be advised that he or she will undergo a second class 1 flight physical examination before WOCS.


Recruiting Battalion will arrange necessary testing and other required actions in the following sequence:

1. Minimum score. All applicants must achieve a minimum score of 110 or higher in the GT aptitude area. Applicants who fail to attain minimum score will be disqualified.

2. Officer Selection Battery (OSB) Test. Standard score of 90 or higher must be attained on subtest 2 of the OSB. Retest is authorized if a minimum of 6 months has elapsed since previous test and alternate form of the test is given. A person who has achieved minimum qualifying OSB score may not be retested. Applicants who fail to attain minimum score after retest will be disqualified.

3. Medical examination. Applicants must be medically examined and must meet medical fitness standards in AR 40-501, Chapter 2, distance visual acuity and color vision requirements for combat and combat support arms in AR 40-501, and weight standards of AR 600-9.

4. Passing all tests. If applicants successfully meet all the above criteria, their applications will be endorsed to the Recruiting Battalion
OCS Board.

5. OCS Board schedule. Company commanders will notify applicants of the specific date to appear before the Recruiting Battalion OCS Board.

6. OCS Board decision. Only upon recommendation of the recruiting battalion OCS board and selection by the USAREC OCS review board will the applicant be enlisted into the DEP. When the Recruiting Battalion OCS Board unanimously favors rejection, applicant will be so informed. In cases in which the Recruiting Battalion OCS Board renders a split decision, application will be forwarded to the Recruiting Brigade commander for decision. In such cases, tell applicants that they will be notified of their status at a later date. When decision is made, take action as sated above.

7. Class assignments. HQ, USAREC, upon approval by the USAREC review board, will assign selected applicants a class date based upon available training seat vacancies. Use guidance from the CG, USAREC, when assigning qualified applicants to OCS classes out of sequence.

8. OCS Boards.

a. The CG, USAREC, is delegated authority to establish and convene OCS Boards within each Recruiting Battalion. Each board will consist of at least three officers. The CG, USAREC, may further delegate to a Recruiting Battalion commander authority to appoint OCS Boards.

b. The board will question applicant on personal history, training, and experience. It will decide whether or not he or she appears to possess the desire, determination, and motivation necessary to complete training and to develop into a satisfactory commissioned officer. On this basis, each board member will make an independent appraisal of applicant's overall qualification for a commission in the Army Reserve.

Enlistment for WOFT.

1. Arrange for necessary mental testing at the MEPS. Mental tests are administered in the sequence shown below. Failure to attain minimum score on any one of these tests will disqualify applicant from further testing.

2. Applicants must achieve minimum GT score of 110.

3. Applicants must score 90 or higher on revised Flight Aptitude Selection Test (FAST) to qualify for additional processing. Applicant who failed to score 90 in the revised FAST may be retested only one time. Retesting will not be sooner than 6 months after the original testing. An alternate version of the test must be used.

4. After taking the FAST, scores will be computed on DA Form 6256 (Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST) Battery Scoring Worksheet) as shown in DA Pam 611-256-1. File FAST scoring worksheets of applicants who fail to achieve qualifying scores and of those who do not enlist in the applicant-registrant file. Attach scoring worksheets of qualified persons who enlist to their enlistment records.

5. Applicants who meet mental prerequisites are referred to the WOFT Examining Board for further consideration. Applicants must appear before the recruiting battalion WOFT Examining Board before being given the medical examination.

6. The CG, USAREC, is authorized to appoint boards of officers, known as WOFT Review Boards, within each recruiting battalion. This authority may be further delegated to Recruiting Battalion commanders. Boards will consist of at least three officers. If possible, one of the board members will be an Army aviator currently on flying status.

a. The senior board member will ensure that each applicant meets the minimum prerequisites above.

b. The board will question applicant on personal history, training, and experience, and on such subjects as whether or not applicant possesses the degree of motivation and determination necessary to successfully complete flight training. Each member will make an independent appraisal of applicant's overall qualifications for appointment as a warrant officer in the Army Reserve. Each board member will make his or her individual appraisal on the appropriate form from HQ USAREC. On completion of the above appraisals, the board jointly will recommend acceptance or rejection of applicant for flight training.

Information Derived From Army Regulation 601-210

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