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United States Army
Basic Training Operating Instructions


1.  Prior to the privates' arrival, the company leadership will inspect the barracks and ensure that all equipment is serviceable and all hand receipts are updated.  Each platoon will be prepared to train 55 privates.


2.  Company leadership will review the battalion expect reports to determine the probable fill.  The 1SG will recommend to the Commander the platoons to be filled based on the expect report and personnel status within the company.


3.  The Training NCO will call 46th AG Training Personnel (Fill Information - Joanne) at 4-1712, to get updated information on the anticipated fill and the timeline for pick up.


4.  The Training NCO will inform the 1SG and Commander of any updated information and the 1SG will modify his recommendation to the Commander if necessary.  Discuss time, date, & size of fill with DFAC manager.


5.  We will pick up the new privates when told to by 46 AG.  Cadre may observe the screening APFT conducted by the reception station.  Privates who cannot do 13 pushups will be assigned to the Fitness Training Unit.


                a.  The company will fill one platoon at a time.  If more than one platoon is filled at a time then the new privates’ ID cards will be shuffled and divided into the platoons so that private assignment into the platoons are random.


                b.  Two drill sergeants per platoon will pick up the privates from 46 AG and march them back to the company.  Privates will carry their bags back to the company.  Privates will not run or do pushups with bags on their backs.  Upon entry at the company, the drill sergeants will conduct a shakedown inspection for contraband and high dollar items.  Conduct the shakedown inspection outside, if possible, and coordinate for MP dogs to check their effects for drugs (takes about 30 minutes).


                c. The platoon sergeant will ensure that a drill sergeant conducts an initial briefing to the new privates within 72 hours of arrival.  Privates will keep civilian eyeglasses and contact lenses for BRM.  (See Appendix 1)


                d.  The platoon sergeants will coordinate with the supply sergeant for linen pick up time and assist as necessary.


                e.  Normally, companies will fill the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday prior to the first day of training (Friday).  However, with large fills anticipate filling as early as the previous Friday.  If the company has an early fill and fills to capacity (220), teach any internal classes early (cannot move any training involving other units/agencies).


                f.  With a large fill, look into the possibility of extending meal hours by 30 minutes for lunch and supper.  The DFAC contractor is prepared to accept 1.5 hours per meal without additional cost; they just need advanced warning to coordinate for the cooks and the headcount.


                                (1)  Avoid having supper extending beyond 1900 because this is considered late chow and involves extra coordination.  If the company is running late, have the food put in mermite cans and serve it in the company classroom.


                                (2)  Continue to train the privates to eat quickly because later they will only have 1 hour to eat.  By Phase II, they should be able to complete feeding 220 privates in 1 hour.


6.  After fill completion, the Training NCO will complete inprocessing.


                a.  Alphabetically file the privates’ medical and dental records.


                b.  Publishing an alphabetical company roster, showing last name, first name, middle initial, SSN, rank, MOS, component, and platoon.


                c.  Finish AIMs input


                d.  Begin EOC briefing slides


                e.  Ensure all privates fill out the Personal Data Card and a  Home Town News Release (submit HTNR only for privates who actually graduate and use the graduation date.  This will be done prior to the FTX and submitted to the battalion S-1).


7.  The Training NCO will also coordinate for the MP drug dogs to conduct a search for drugs in the building after we completely fill, if it was not done during the shakedown.  Call K-9 Section at 4-6723.


                a.  Schedule a time when the privates will be out of the building for training.


                b.  Post one drill sergeant per floor and ensure all doors are unlocked.  Wardrobe lockers may remain locked.


                c.  One member of company level command must be present to walk the drug dog and handler into the building.


                d.  If the drug dog indicates the presence of drugs, contact the JAG for proper search procedures.


8.  Drill Sergeants must identify any privates with an EFMP member for an EFMP interview.  Furthermore, privates with spouses, fiancees, or serious girlfriends will be identified and their names forwarded to ACS through the Training NCO for an ACS Outreach Packet.


9.  Ensure that all privates write home to inform their families of their new mailing address.  Also have the privates briefly call home to let their family know of their safe arrival.


10.  Urinalysis of all trainees will be conducted as soon after the JAG & ADAPCP classes as possible.

Fill Week Administrative Requirements


1.  Fill week begins with the first day of pick-up.  Because of the number of administrative requirements, this checklist is provided to assist the platoon sergeant.  It will ensure that vital requirements are not forgotten.


2.  Activities completed by platoon sergeants / drill sergeants on pick-up day:


·         Conduct shakedown and collect contraband.

·         Inventory civilian items and complete DA Form 4986; secure civilian bags.


3.  Activities completed by platoon sergeants/drill sergeants during fill week:


·         Inprocessing briefing -- within 24 hours.

·         Chain of Command -- within 24 hours.

·         Rank Structure class -- within 48 hours.

·         Initial Counseling (written) -- with each individual within 72 hours.

·         Name tags on bunks and wall lockers -- prior to following Monday morning.

·         Clean canteens with bleach and hot water -- upon issue.

·         Trainees purchase necessities at PX -- within 72 hours.

·         Trainees call and write home to inform family of new unit mailing address -- within 72 hours.

·         Identification of trainees, by name and SSN, who do not have a functional command of the English language due to Training NCO -- NLT Friday of Week 1.


4.  Activities completed by Training NCO during fill week:


·         Conduct inprocessing of all trainees -- on fill week Day 1.

·         Complete the following forms with the disposition indicated:

¨       DA Form 647-1, Personnel Register -- one each to battalion PAC.

¨       DA Form 3955, Change of Address -- one each to brigade mail room.

¨       USAARMC 150, Personal Data Card -- two each; one for platoon sergeants and one retained by the Training NCO.

¨       USAARMC 1630, IET Soldier Questionnaire -- one each to Trainee Student Processing.

¨       Ensure the following reports are completed and turned in:

¨       Initial Fill Report due to S-3 on Monday of Week 1.

¨       Compile the following rosters and identify trainee's component or pay purposes:  Company Aplha Roster and Platoon Alpha Roster.

¨       Identification of trainees, by name and SSN, who do not have a functional command of the English language due to S-3 NLT Monday of Week 2.

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