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Army Civilian Aquired Skills Program (ACASP)

The ACASP attracts and uses persons with civilian-acquired skills required by the Army. Persons qualified for the ACASP may be given an advance in grade upon enlistment. They may be entitled to accelerated promotion based on the skill level held and demonstrated duty performance. The program is available for active duty and reserve enlistments.

The ACASP is available to qualified men and women with or without Prior Service. Persons with skills acquired through military service will not be enlisted under this program. Skills must be acquired through civilian education and experience. Members of the ARNG or USAR who were awarded an MOS based upon Civilian Acquired Skills and are applying for enlistment into the Regular Army will be authorized to enlist under this program provided they are otherwise qualified and are not entitled to a higher enlistment grade by other provisions the recruiting regulation. All prior service applicants who have had a break in service of five or more years and are qualified for enlistment may enlist for ACASP regardless of former MOS. These applicants must meet all requirements to include basic eligibility.

Applicants must:

a. Meet basic eligibility criteria for enlistment, as well as skill training and work experience as shown in the links below. When a person has unusual training or experience relevant to an MOS, requests for determination of equivalency may be submitted for consideration to HWDA (DAPEMPA).

b. Have had either training or experience in their civilian-acquired skill within 24 months of enlisting.

c. Exceptions for applicants qualified for ACASP but who do not meet or possess applicable MOS ASVAB score and no prerequisite MOS training is required may request through appropriate chain of command an exception to policy. Approval is required from HQDA (DAPE-MPA).

02 - Army Band

27E10 - Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer

31C10 - Single Channel Radio Operator

31F10 (RA only) - Network Switching System Operator/Maintainer

31L10 - Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer

35C10 (RA only) - Surveillance Radar Repairer

35D10 - Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer

35F10 - Special Electrical Devices Repairer

35H10 (RA only) - Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist

42E10 - Optical Laboratory Specialist

42E20 - Optical Laboratory Specialist

43M10 - Fabric Repair Specialist

44B10 - Metal Worker

44E10 - Machinist

45B10 (RA only) - Small Arms/Artillery Repairer

46Q10 - Journalist

46R10 - Broadcast Journalist

51B10 - Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

51K10 - Plumber

51M10 - Firefighter

52C10 - Utilities Equipment Repairer

52D10 (RA only) - Power Generation Equipment Repairer

52G10 - Transmission and Distribution Specialist (USAR only)

57E10 - Laundry and Bath Specialist

62B10 - Construction Equipment Repairer

62E10 - Heavy Construction Equipment Operator

62F10 - Crane Operator

62G10 - Quarrying Specialist

62H10 - Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator

62J10 - General Construction Equipment Operator

63G10 - Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairer

63H10 - Track Vehicle Repairer

67N10 - UH-1 Helicopter Repairer

67T10 - UH-60 Helicopter Repairer

67U10 - CH-47 Helicopter Repairer

68B10 - Aircraft Power plants Repairer

68D10 - Aircraft Powertrain Repairer

68H10 - Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer

68N10 - AVIONIC Mechanic

71G10 - Patient Administration Specialist.

77L10 - Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

77W10 - Water Treatment Specialist

88H10 - Cargo Specialist

88K10 - Watercraft Operator (Seaman)

88L10 - Watercraft Engineer (Engineman)

88M10 - Motor Transport Operator

88P10 (USAR only) - Locomotive Equipment Repairer

88T10 (USAR only) - Railway Section Repairer

88U10 (USAR only) - Railway Operations Crewmember

91B10 - Medical Specialist

91B10N9 - Physical Therapy Specialist

91B10NB- Occupational Therapy Specialist

91B10P1 - Orthopedic Specialist

91B10P2 - Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

91B10P3 - Eye Specialist

91B20P1- Orthopedic Specialist

91C20 - Practical Nurse

91D10 - Operating Room Specialist

91E10 - Dental Specialist

91K10 - Medical Laboratory Specialist

91K20M2 - Cytology Specialist

91K20P9 - Biological Science Assistant

91M10 - Hospital Food Service Specialist

91Q10 - Pharmacy Specialist

91Q20 - Pharmacy Specialist

91S10N4 - X-Ray Specialist

91S20N4 - X-ray Specialist

91T10 - Animal Care Specialist

91V20 - Respiratory Specialist

92G10 - Food Service Specialist

92M10 - Mortuary Affairs Specialist

93C10 - Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operator

96B10 - Intelligence Analyst

96D10 - Imagery Analyst

97B1L - Counterintelligence Agent (Linguist only)

Information from Army Regulation 601-210
Subject to change without warning based on current U.S. Army needs.
See your local Army recruiter for most recent information



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