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Army Enlistment Options

Army Enlistment Program 9A -- Page 2


MOS Which Require Language Training

Relief from school course for academic deficiency, disciplinary reasons, or failure to obtain required security clearance is basis for reassignment under needs of the Army. Soldier will be required to complete his or her term of service for which enlisted.

The Army makes every effort to use language-qualified personnel. Language school graduates may be assigned duties in an appropriate country or area, or be given training in another MOS under needs of the Army before first duty assignment.

For persons who possess proficiency in the language for which enlisting, the course length may be reduced by authority of the Director, Defense Language Institute.

English Second Language Option

Soldier will not initially be guaranteed training in any specific MOS/CMF, or assignment to any specific station, command, unit, or area.

Soldier will be required to attend the English Language Training Program (ELTP).

Soldier will be administered the ECLT upon completion of training. If score is 70 or greater, soldier will be required to retake the ASVAB.

The resulting scores from the ASVAB retest will become the scores of record from which qualifications for training and enlistment programs will be determined. If a score of at least 21 is not obtained on the ASVAB retest, with at least one qualifying aptitude area score, the soldier will be assigned an MOS and enlistment programs based upon their initial ASVAB scores.

If neither the ASVAB retest nor the initial ASVAB scores qualifies the soldier an MOS and enlistment program(s), then the soldier will be separated from the Army. (f) If soldier fails to attain the required score of 70 or better on the ECLT, then he or she will be separated from the Army regardless of AFQT and aptitude area scores.

English Language Comprehension Option

English Language Comprehension Enlistment Option (ECEO) is open to all applicants who do not speak or write English language proficiently. ECEO will allow applicants, who do not possess the basic skills, to enlist in the RA unassigned and attend an English Language Training Program (ELTP). Upon completion of ECEO program soldiers will be administered the ECLT. Soldiers scoring 70 or greater will be required to take the ASVAB and score a 21 or greater AFQT to qualify for MOS according to appropriate aptitude area scores.

Information Derived From Army Regulation 601-210

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