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Army Enlistment Incentives

National Call to Service Bonuses


Individuals who enlist in the Army National Call to Service Program, are eligible for the bonuses shown below:

  • a cash enlistment bonus of $5,000 payable upon completion of the initial active duty obligation;
  • Student Loan Repayment of up to $18,000.

Under the National Call to Service Program, individuals spend 15 months on active duty, following Army basic training and Army job school. They then have the option of remaining (reenlisting) on active duty, or transfering to the Army Reserves.

The National Call to Service bonus is available for the following MOS (Army jobs): 11X, 13B, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 14J, 14S, 19D, 19K, 21B, 21C, 31E, 56M, 62B, 88H, 88M, 92G, 92S, and 92Y. This bonus may not be combined with other incentives.

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