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Army Enlistment Incentives

Active Duty Deferred Enlistment Bonus


The Deferred Enlistment Bonus pays qualified high school seniors who enlist in the active duty Army $1,000 for each month in the Future Soldier Training Program. Under this program, high school seniors enlist in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) for the active duty Army, and agree to perform weekend drills (one weekend per month) with a local Army reserve unit, while in the DEP. (This training program helps them get ready for basic training ).

Seniors receive an additional $1,000 to the total amount upon successful High School graduation. The total Deferred Enlistment Bonus may not exceed $15,000.

This bonus may not be combined with the seasonal bonus, but it may be combined with an MOS enlistment bonus and the Army College Fund.

Note: High School seniors currently affiliated with the Army National Guard or Army Reserve are not eligible for this program.

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