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Army Education Plus Program


Updated October 30, 2005

The U.S. Army is expanding its eligibility criteria to include those individuals who desire to serve but do not yet possess the required education credentials. Through the Education Plus Program enlistment option, the Army will help qualified non-prior service recruits obtain a GED so they can enlist in the active Army or Army Reserve.

To be eligible, individuals must have been withdrawn from high school for at least six months, meet their state’s minimum age requirements for GED testing and achieve a qualifying score on the Armed Forces Qualification test.

Recruiters will direct eligible recruits to approved GED programs in their area. Applicants must pass the GED test in order to complete the enlistment process and report to initial entry training.

The program pays for the cost of basic GED training and the test at an approved location.

Individuals interested in this enlistment option should visit their local recruiter for details. Find out about the many challenging careers, training and education benefits the Army of One offers at goarmy.com or visit a local Army recruiter.

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