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Things to Consider When Choosing to Join the Army



The Army has around 60 major bases in the Continental United States (CONUS). The Army also has bases located overseas in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Germany, The Netherlands, and Qatar. Of course, assignment opportunities depend on your Army job. For example, if you're Army job is infantry, you will be assigned to bases with an infantry unit. If your job is to repair UH-60 helicopters, you would only be assigned to bases that have UH-60 helicopters. Soldiers assigned to stateside bases, generally must stay there a minimum of three years before being eligible to move to another base (there are exceptions to this rule). Overseas assignments have designated "tour lengths." For most locations, it's two years for an unaccompanied Soldier, and three years for a Soldier who elects to have his/her dependents relocated with them. There are still a few 12-month "remote" assignments to South Korea, but the Army is working on transforming them to standard tour lengths.

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