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Joining the Army

Joining the Army. Information and resources about joining the United States Military, specifically the U.S. Army.
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Army Enlisted Job (MOS) Descriptions
The Army calls their enlisted jobs MOSs, or "Military Occupation Specialties." The Army has around 190 MOSs available for enlisted Soldiers. Similar specialties are divided into "branches" or "fields." Below are the Army enlisted job fields. Click on each field so see a list of MOS's that fall under that branch, as well as links to complete...

ASVAB Scores Required for Army Jobs
The Army converts the ASVAB subtest scores into 10 composite score areas known as line scores. The line scores determine what job(s) an individual qualifies for. Here are the line score requirements for Army enlisted jobs (MOS).

Army Basic Training Study Guide (Army Basic SmartBook)
Army TRADOC Publication 600-4. This Army "SmartBook" is the primary study guide used by recruits in Army Basic Training.

Officer Job Descriptions & Qualification Factors
Detailed information about jobs and needed qualification to obtain those jobs for commissioned officers in the United States Army.

Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) Enlistment Option
The Army is the only service where individuals must enlist first, before attending Officer Candidate School (OCS). Under the Army's Enlistment Program 9D, applicants enlist with a guarantee of attending OCS, after completion of enlisted basic training.

Active Duty Deferred Enlistment Bonus
The Deferred Enlistment Bonus pays qualified high school seniors who enlist in the active duty Army $1,000 for each month in the Future Soldier Training Program.

Active Duty Education Bonus
Army active duty recruits who have at least 30 college semester hours qualify for the Army Education Bonus.

Active Duty Enlistment Bonus
The active duty Army offers enlistment bonuses of up to $40,000 for non-prior service enlistments into Army MOS's (jobs) that the Army considers to be critically undermanned.

Active Duty Quick Ship Bonus
A seasonal (quick ship) bonus of up to $20,000 is available for qualified recruits in select MOSs (jobs) who enlist for at least two years and agree to report for basic training within 30 days. The bonus is $3,000 for recruits who report within 31 to 60 days.

Active Duty Ranger Bonus
There is a $5,000 bonus for qualified applicants who enlist on active duty for an eligible MOS (Army job) with the Ranger option.

Active First National Guard Enlistment Program
The Army National Guard has initiated a new program designed to fill up its ranks with prior service Soldiers. The the new program, dubbed "Active First," targets new recruits who would like to serve on active duty for a period of time, and then transfer to the Army National Guard. Participants can receive bonuses of up to $60,000, depending on the length of their commitment.

Advanced Enlistment Rank
Individuals who enlist in the United States Army and meet certain qualification criteria, such as college credits can enlist and receive an advanced paygrade (rank) status.

AIT Journal
Look into the life of PFC Rossy as he deals with Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD from late-September of 2002 until early-January of 2003.

Army Advantage Fund
The Army has initiated a test program, called the Army Advantage Fund, which offers recruits a down payment for home ownership or seed money to start their own businesses.

Army and Marine Corps to Increase in Size
The Department of Defense is asking Congress to increase the authorized end strength of the active duty Army and Marine Corps. The Military wants to add 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines to the force by 2012.

Army Basic
Site dedicated to soldiers, by soldiers, all about Army Basic Training.

Army Basic Experience
Outstanding series of Time Magazine "mini-articles" about the Army Boot Camp experience.

Army Basic Training
To achieve “Soldier” status, recruits now spend 21 days in the field during basic training. The training focus has changed dramatically from what was primarily a standards, discipline and soldierization process to one of intensive combat skills.

Army Civilian Aquired Skills Program (ACASP)
The ACASP attracts and uses persons with civilian-acquired skills required by the Army. Persons qualified for the ACASP may be given an advance in grade upon enlistment. They may be entitled to accelerated promotion based on the skill level held and demonstrated duty performance.

Army College Fund (ACF)
The Army College Fund (ACF) is an enlistment benefit that adds to the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB). One cannot have the ACF without participating in the MGIB, as the two programs run hand-in-hand.

Army Enlistment Incentives
Without doubt, the Army has more enlistment incentives than any of the other military services. In fact, the Army offers so many treats to entice applicants to join up that it's sometimes hard to keep track of them. Here's a listing of current incentives offered for enlistment in the active duty Army and the Army Reserves.

Army Hits Recruiting Goal for FY 2004
For the fifth year in a row, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command hit its fiscal year active-duty and Reserve recruiting goals. As of Sept. 27 (2004) , the command brought in 77,587 active Army recruits against a Department of the Army mission of 77,000, and 21,278 Reserve recruits against a 21,000 requirement.

Army National Guard Recruiting
Official Army National Guard Recruiting page. Join the National Guard and become one of America's citizen-soldiers.

Army OSUT/AIT Training Restrictions
The amount of "freedom" one has in intial entry training depends upon the particular phase of training one is currently in.

Army Prep School
Want to join the Army, but you don't have a high school diploma, or a GED? Previously, this was not possible. However, the Army has now opened the Army Preparatory School at Fort Jackson, S.C. to help young men and women who fall short of the education requirements needed to join the military.

Army Raises Maximum Enlistment Age to 42
The Army has raised the enlistment age to 42 (for Active Duty, Reserves, and Army National Guard), made possible under provisions of the Fiscal Year 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.

Army Recruiter Locator
Type in your zip code and this form returns the address of the Army recruiter closest to you.

Army Recruiting
Official Army Recruiters Home page. Contains general information about joining the Army.

Army Recruiting Command
The U.S. Army Recruiting Command recruits and processes soldiers -- both officers and enlisted personnel -- into the active Army and the U.S. Army Reserve.

Army Recruiting Faces Tough Competition
Army recruiters are faced with tougher competition from civilian workforce employers these days. In recent years, more and more civilian corporations have offered college tuition payments and signing bonuses to prospective employees, which have been mainstay Army recruiting incentives for several decades. The Army, though, is firing back with new enlistment incentives.

Army Recruiting Game
After two years, the official U.S. Army game has registered more than 4 million users and is now one of the top five games in the world.

Army Recruiting Progress
Army Recruiting Goal progress as of May 2004.

Army ROTC in a Nutshell
A basic overview of the Army Senior Reserve Officer Training Program (SROTC).

Army Senior Reserve Officer Training Program (SROTC)
All about the Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Program.

Army Tests New Basic Training Schedule at Fort Benning
Recruits who attend Army Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA, will be part of an Army test which intensifies the current basic training schedule. Depending on which test group they are selected for, training in the field will increase from the current three days to either 10 days or 23 days. The length of basic training, however, is not changing.

Aviation (Flying) Medical Physicals
These pages list medical conditions which are disqualifying for selection for Army Aviation Duty, for Flight Class I, 2, 3, and 4 Medical Examinations.

Basic Training - Fort Benning
Official page for the Army boot camp program at Fort Benning.

Basic Training - Fort Sill
Official web site for Army Basic Training at Fort Sill, the home of Artillery boot camp.

Basic Training Diary
Daily journal of a recruit who attended Army Basic Training at Fort Knox, in the Spring of 2004.

Basic Training is Smarter, Not Softer
Think Army basic training has gone soft over the years? These comments by commanders and drill sergeants at Fort Benning, Georgia may just change your mind.

Basic Training Journal - Fort Knox
Look into the life of PFC Rossy as he deals with Basic Combat Training in Fort Knox, KY from mid-July to late-September of 2002.

Basic Training Journal - Ft Jackson
Detailed journal from a recruit who attended Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson.

Basic Training Soldier's Handbook
TRADOC Pamplet 600-4 - Initial Entry Training Soldier's Handbook. The "bible" for recruits in Army boot camp. Contains basic Army subjects, basic soldier skills, core values, human relations, standards and traditions, and more.

Basic Training Standard Operating Procedures
These Operating Instructions were derived from a set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for a United States Army Infantry Basic Training Battalion. While SOPs might differ somewhat from batallion to batallion, it should give a basic idea of the instructions that Drill Sergeants and basic training staff members operate under.

Basic Training Tips
Tips from someone who has "been there, done that."

Be Ready for Army Basic Training
Trade Paperback Book for $16.00. This book is an insider’s view of Army Basic Training. If you ever wondered what it was like or are planning on enlisting in today’s Army, this book will take you there. Find out what to expect, how to prepare and see what happens here on a daily basis.

Boot Camp at Fort Jackson
U.S. Army Soldier's Managine article about Army boot camp at Fort Jackson.

Cell Phone Use in Army Basic Training
When I first heard of this, I thought, "Oh, no. Another one of those 'basic training rumors' that keep going around. Remember the one about "stress cards" that recruits in (pick your service) basic training were given, so that they could call a "time out" from basic training if they felt too stressed? Turns out the "cell phone" rumor is true.

Chris's Letters from Boot Camp
Letters home from a recruit who attened basic training at Ft Leonard Wood, MO in October of 1999.

Civilian Skills Bonus
Qualified applicants who enlist in the active duty Army or Army Reserves who already have a civilian skill that the Army needs and enlists for three or more years may be eligible for a civilian skills bonus.

College First Enlistment Program
The Army offers a unique enlistment incentive called "Army College First," that allows college students to enlist in the Army in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP), continue with their college education, receive a monthly stipend from the Army, then enter the Army at an advanced rank.

Corporal Recruiting Program
Selected PFCs can volunteer for recruiting duty, and be laterally promoted to Corporal. Here are the details of this program.

Criminal History Waivers
Nobody has a right to serve in the United States Army. Federal law and Department of Defense directives give the military services significant leeway in determining who they want to accept for enlistment or commission. An applicant's criminal and moral history plays a large role on whether or not they are eligible to join the United States Army.

Despite Recruiting Shortfall, the Army has Increased in Size
There are those who might focus on the fact that the Army missed its self-imposed recruiting goals in fiscal year 2005, yet ignore the fact that the total end strength and capabilities of the Army are what matter most.

Drug Test (Positive) Waiver and Waiting Periods
Individuals applying to join the active duty Army, the Army Reserves, and Army National Guard are given a drug test as part of their medical physical at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Individuals who test positive for marijuana, alcohol, or cocaine may still enlist (with a waiver), if they pass a re-test after a specified waiting period.

Education Career Stabilization Enlistment Program
The Education Career Stabilization (ECS) program provides non-prior service applicants the opportunity to serve in the Army Reserve and complete up to four years of college education without being deployed to support Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

Education Plus Program (GED)
The U.S. Army is expanding its eligibility criteria to include those individuals who desire to serve but do not yet possess the required education credentials. Through the Education Plus Program enlistment option, the Army will help qualified non-prior service recruits obtain a GED so they can enlist in the active Army or Army Reserve.

Enlisting in the Army, Step-by-Step
So, you want to become a Soldier, and your curious about the enlistment process, but you haven't spoken with an Army recruiter yet. This step-by-step guide will take you through the basic Army enlistment Process

Enlistment Options
The United States Army offers several options for enlistment into the Regular Army (RA) or the U.S. Army Reserves (USAR).

Extending Basic Training
The Army is extending the length of its basic training from nine weeks to ten weeks.

FY 2003 Recruiting
The United States Army achieved mission success for a fourth straight year. Regular Army projections are for 74,167 accessions for the mission of 73,800, equaling 100.5 percent of the mission. The Army Reserve expects to achieve 27,485 soldiers against a mission of 26,400, equaling 104.1 percent of the mission.

GED Plus Enlistment Program
The GED Plus Program enables applicants who currently do not possess a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate to be sponsored by the Army to obtain a GED for enlistment purposes.

High School Graduate Numbers
The percent of Army recruits with a high school diploma dropped in 2007, continuing a trend that has worsened since the start of the Iraq war.

Home School Graduates
Under a special test program, the Army is now treating home school graduates as educational Tier I, the same educational category as high school diploma-holders.

Home/Business Enlistment Bonus
Through the Army Advantage Fund enlistment option, qualified non-prior service recruits who enlist for three or more years can receive up to $40,000 to buy a home or start a small business upon completion of their initial term of service.

Jobs for Non-Citizens
Current Army regulations prohibit granting a security clearance to non-U.S. citizens. Additionally, some Army jobs may only be performed by U.S. citizens, regardless of security clearance requirements. Here are Army jobs that can be performed by Non-U.S. Citizens.

March Recruiting Goal Missed
Preliminary figures suggest the Army missed its March goal for active duty enlisted accessions by about 2,100 soldiers. This is the second month in a row that the Army has missed their established monthly recruiting goal, and personnel officials don't foresee it getting any better until after May.

Military Police
"Military Police," OK… what are you thinking now? Flashing red and blue lights on the road? Tickets and jerks with power trips? "Hill Street Blues?" Pig, Mud Puppy, "Can’t Spell WHIMP without MP?" Maybe you are picturing guns drawn and villains on the ground. Possible "Cops" comes to mind and the theme music rolls in your subconscious.

MOS Listing
Military Occupation Specilaty Codes for Army enlisted personnel, along with a brief synopsis of duties entailed by the job.

National Call to Service Bonus
Individuals who enlist in the Army National Call to Service Program, are eligible for certain bonuses.

National Guard - Oregon
Official web site for the Oregon Army National Guard Recruiting.

National Guard Native Language Speakers
A new Army National Guard program is helping attract young people with native language skills and cultural expertise into the military to support the global war on terror. The new program focuses on recruiting native speakers in 20 languages and dialects, most spoken in the Middle East, into the Army's 09L "translator aid" career field.

Native Language Speaker Enlistment Bonus
Native Language speakers of certain middle eastern languages who enlist in the Army Reserves may be eligible for a bonus

Native Linguist Recruiting Program
A new Army military occupational specialty, 09L, is the latest weapon in the nation’s arsenal in the global war on terror -- and it’s working. The L stands for linguist, and the program is designed to find and recruit native speakers of various high-demand languages and dialects for service in the U.S. Army.

New Army Recruiting Programs and Incentives
The Army is using a variety of programs and incentives to help attract more young men and women into its ranks. The Army's recruiting goal for FY 2005 is 80,000 troops -- 3,000 higher than lat year's requirements, and 6,200 higher than the previous year. Higher enlistment bonuses, "fast shipping" bonuses, and more are in the works.

Part II of a multi-part feature article ("So, You Want to be an Officer") about becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Military. In this part, all about applying for Army Officer Candidate School (OCS).

All about the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School.

Operation Blue to Green
After they 'Cross Into the Blue' or 'Accelerate Their Life,' the Army hopes service members leaving the Air Force or Navy will join the 'Army of One.' A new program, Operation Blue to Green, seeks to recruit airmen and sailors leaving their service due to force reductions into the Army, which is temporarily increasing its ranks.

Operation Blue to Green Approved
Sailors and Airmen may soon be able to 'Go Army' under a new Defense Department program intended to rebalance the size of the military. The program is generating new opportunities for continued service and career advancement for those willing to transfer into the Army from other services.

DOD article discussion One-Station-Unit-Training (which combines basic training and AIT school) for Armor personnel.

Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)
The program offers qualifying recruits the opportunity to secure an interview and receive priority consideration with the PaYS partner (civilian company) of their choice following their Army service.

Physical Fitness Calendar
Need to get in shape to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test? This 3-month calendar will help you work yourself up to a passing grade.

Possible New Army Recruiting Incentives
The Army hopes to introduce new incentives to attract recruits while working to educate parents, teachers and other adults who influence young people's decision to enlist about the long-term benefits of military service.

Rank Determinations for Prior Service Joining the Active Duty Army
Here are the rules for prior service personnel joining the active duty Army for determination of initial active duty enlistment rank.

Recruit Loses 230 Pounds in Order to Enlist
When a recruiter stopped by to talk to his son, Roderick Evans was the one sold on the military. A home health care specialist in Detroit, Mich., Evans had a passion for helping others and a desire to make a difference. A military medical career sounded like a perfect fit. The recruiter, on the other hand, saw a different picture. He took one look at Evans and said, “You’re just too big.”

Recruit Referral Bonus Program
The Army offers to $2,000 bonus to eligible individuals who refer applicants for enlistment into the Army, Army Reserves, or Army National Guard.

Recruiters Take Pause to Re-Focus on Values
Army recruiters took a pause on May 20th to refocus on values, as investigations are under way to see if some recruiters are cheating to make quotas. The current recruiting environment is challenging the Army's 7,500 recruiters, and the service is now about 6,600 active-duty recruits below quota. One widely reported case involves a recruiter in Houston who allegedly threatened a potential recruit with arrest if he didn't show up for a meeting.

Recruiting Crisis?
Despite headlines to the contrary, there’s no crisis in the military’s recruiting efforts, according to Army recruiting officials. Alarm bells sounded after the Army missed its recruiting goal for February by 1,900 people, but officials are“cautiously optimistic” that this is a temporary setback and that the Army will meet its end-of-year goal of 80,000 recruits.

Reserve Enlistment Bonus
Recruits who enlist in the Army Reserves may be eligible for an enlistment bonus of up to $20,000.

Reserve GI Bill Kicker
The Army Reserve GI Bill Kicker is the Reserve version of the active duty Army College Fund.

The Army Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserves to simultaneously participate in ROTC.

Special Forces
Take a look and see what Army Special Forces have to offer you.

Special Forces
Recruiting information for the Army Special Forces.

Special Recruiter Assistance Program
The Army has announced that they will test a new Special Recruiter Assistance Program, beginning in May (2008). Under the program, combat soldiers will be given the opportunity to perform funded TDY (Temporary Duty) travel to their home town for a period of 14 to 30 days in order to assist in recruiting efforts. The Army will even pay for the spouse to travel with the soldier.

Special Recruiters Assistance Program for Officers
Officers can now share their deployment experiences with their local communities through the Army Special Recruiter Assistance Program.

Student Loan Replayment Program
Individuals who enlist in the active duty Army or Army Reserves may have part or all of their qualifying student loans paid under the Student Loan Repayment Program.

Surviving Army Boot Camp
Part III of a multi-part article about military basic training. In this part, all about Army Basic Training.

The Way it Used to Be
An account of Army Basic Training during the Korean War Period.

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Join The Army
Choosing a military service can be a complicated decision. The services differ when it comes to enlistment incentives, assignment opportunities, quality of life programs, deployment rates, promotion opportunities, and more. Here are the pros and cons of choosing to enlist in the United States Army.

Thrift Savings Plan Matching Funds Program
All qualified non-prior service recruits who enlist on active duty for a minimum of five years in an MOS (Army job) that the Army considers critical are eligible for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Matching Fund Program incentive.

Two Year Enlistments (National Call to Service)
The Army is dramatically expanding it's National Call to Service (NCS) Enlistment Program, commonly called the "Two-Year Enlistment." Congress mandated that all of the military services offer the NCS program, effective October 2003. Under the NCS program, a person enlists on active duty for a period of 15 months, following basic training and job training (which makes an average 24-month active duty enlistment period).

Warrant Officer Recruiting
How to join the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer.

Warrior Transition Course
The Army’s new Warrior Transition Course at Fort Knox, Ky is designed to make Soldiers of former Airmen, Sailors and Marines. It’s also an incentive for second-time volunteers wanting to rejoin the Army’s ranks without repeating nine weeks of basic training.

Weight Standards - Females
Minimum and maximum weight requirements for females wishing to join the United States Army.

Weight Standards - Males
Minimum and maximum weight requirements for males wishing to join the United States Army.

West Point
Probably the most well-known of all commissioning programs (but the hardest to qualify for) is the United States Military Academy at West Point. Admission to West Point is open to civilians and to current (enlisted) members of the military.

What is it Like to be an Army MP?
What is it like to be an Army MP? A member of our message forum details the life, training, and duties.

Army Warrant Officer Jobs - MOS 420A
Detailed job descriptions and qualification factors for warrant officer jobs (MOS) in the United States Army.

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