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Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison (USAG), Camp Zama,Japan


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Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison (USAG), Camp Zama,Japan

Sgamihara Family Housing Area Child Development Center

Photo courtesy U.S. Army Japan

Army Family Housing and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing are built by the Government of Japan (GOP)under the Facilities Improvement Program (FIP). Sponsors and their families assigned to Camp Zama installations may be offered housing in any of the three housing areas: Sagamihara Family Housing Area (SFHA), Camp Zama Housing Area(CZ),and Sagami General Depot Housing Area (SGD). Ondo Housing area is available for personnel assigned to Pier 6, Kure.

On-post family housing is normally available for all authorized personnel assigned to the installation. However, the waiting period fluctuates depending on housing availability and family size. Government quarters are authorized for military personnel in grades E-1 and above, eligible DOD civilian personnel with authorized Living Quarters Allowance (LQA), and American Red Cross personnel. Personnel who were authorized command sponsorship but were granted deferred travel or chose not to bring their approved concurrent travel family members, may live in Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) or may be authorized to live in off post housing.

Upon your visit to the housing office a housing application form (USAG-J Form 1591) must be completed, verified, validated and signed by Military Personnel Division (MPD) or servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) office, and submitted immediately to the Housing Office on the first duty day of arrival to the installation. Applicants may be offered quarters immediately upon reporting to the housing office.

Assignments to government housing will include the high-rise, townhouses, or single dwelling units. The majority of the housing inventory is wooden dwelling units built in 1950-55. Units may be heated by steam and cooled by window or split type unit air conditioners. The housing units built after 1994 (concrete structures) have central heating and air-conditioning systems. The housing units built prior to 1994 have radiator for heating and window type air-conditioning systems.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing(UPH) is very limited in space! The UPH facilities are fully furnished with government furniture to include refrigerators and stoves. There are no large storage spaces available for excess household goods. Additional storage may be obtained at your own expense from the Zama Outdoor Recreation Facility.

UPH is located on Camp Zama for eligible enlisted, officers, and authorized DOD civilian personnel. UPH is also available at Akasaka Press Center (Hardy Barracks) Pier 6, Kure, and Torii Communication Station, Okinawa for personnel assigned in those locations. Based on your grade you are either authorized a studio (340 square feet) or a suite (444 to 460 square feet).


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