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Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona


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Temporary Lodging
Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona

Desert Breeze Travel Camp, Yuma Proving Grounds

There is temporary lodging at the 10 room guesthouse on the Proving Ground and there is a campground site. All facilities are non-smoking. The contact number is (928) 328-2129 x2183.

The La Casita is available for PCS'ing families, TDY military, TDY civilian, Unofficial Visitors. Rooms have 1 Queen bed, TV/DVD, full kitchen w/ convection oven, dishwasher, and dishes.

VOQ is available for TDY military, TDY civilians, individuals traveling on orders.*TDY individuals on orders have first priority. Rooms are 1-Bedroom suites with 1 Queen bed, private bath, TV/VCR microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker. *No children.

VEQ is rented w/ shared bath, or w/ private bath and is available for Student billeting and official TDY military on orders. Rooms are Double/Single man rooms with 1 twin bed, TV/DVD, microwave coffee maker. *No children

DVQ is available to O6, E9, & GS13 and above. Available to TDY military, TDY civilian, unofficial visitors. Quarters are 2 bedroom duplex, 1 bathroom, full kitchen, TV/DVD, washer & dryer, fenced in back yard with sunroom. *No children

TFQ - Temporary Family Quarters are available to any PCS'ing Family as priority. Quarters are 2 bedroom duplex with 1 bathroom, fully equiped kitchen, Master Bedroom w/queen size bed, Childrens room w/fold out futon bunk bed (full/twin combination), living/dining room, crib, child safety equipment, high chair, TV/DVD player in bedrooms/living room, fenced back yard, dishwasher, washer/dryer, screened in porch.
* Pets welcome! (Non refundable cleaning fee assessed)
** Families with children are encouraged!!!

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