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West Point, New York


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West Point, New York

West Point Elementary School

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The West Point School District and the West Point Schools are located on the grounds of the United States Military Academy. West Point Elementary School is for grades Pre-Kindergarten through four and the West Point Middle School is for grades five through eight. Approximately 730 children in the grades of Pre-Kindergarten through eight are in attendance, all of which live on the grounds of the Military Academy.

Students who live too far from school to walk to and from school are transported by bus. Only these students may ride the bus. Bus students in grades K-6 may not walk home from school without a written request from the parent to the Principal. Bus schedules are carefully developed dependent upon residence. Students ride only their assigned bus. Parents must make their own transportation arrangements for after school activities. The only exception is for childcare purposes; this exception is granted by the principal after advanced written notice is received if space is available on the designated bus.

There are no before and after school programs provided by West Point Schools. If awaiting on-post housing, your child may attend the West Point School for 90 school days. You will have to provide transportation.

Preschool at the West Point School is available for children residing on West Point.

High school students who reside at West Point attend O'Neill High School, a comprehensive public junior/senior high school certified by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.

For college or adult educational opportunites on West Point, contact the Army Education Center (AEC) to see what is available at your Education Center; Bldg 683 Buckner Loop; 845-938-3762

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