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West Point, New York


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West Point, New York

The West Point Marching Band, made up of 88 non-commissioned officers, will be part of each review and parade during Graduation Week.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army: Photo Credit: Courtesy of the West Point Band

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point is a four-year academic institution and a nationally-renowned historic site. Situated in the Hudson River valley, The military installation of West Point is a small, self-contained city. Located approximately 50 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River, the campus and central post area comprise only a small portion of the nearly 16,000 acre reservation.

From the day of its founding on March 16, 1802, an expression at West Point is that "much of the history we teach was made by people we taught." Great leaders such as Grant and Lee, Pershing and MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton, Schwarzkopf and Petraeus are among the more than 50,000 graduates. Countless others, following military service, have had distinguished careers in business, medicine, law, sports, politics, and science. Four current graduates and two former faculty members of the United States Military Academy are members of the 111th Congress.

The purpose of the United States Military Academy is to provide the Nation with leaders of character who serve the common defense. In order to achieve its purpose, the United States Military Academy educates, trains, and inspires the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country; professional growth throughout a career as an officer in the United States Army; and a lifetime of selfless service to the nation.

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