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Fort Wainwright, Alaska


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Medical Care
Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Bassett Army Community Hospital

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Bassett Army Community Hospital on Fort Wainwright is a nationally accredited medical facility that provides medical care and services to eligible military beneficiaries in the Northern half of Alaska. The facility has 22 medical surgical beds and a 24-bed recovery unit geared towards same-day surgery. The Hospital is located at 1060 Gaffney Rd Ste 7400 and the phone number is (907) 361-5206.

Bassett Army Community Hospital provides maternal newborn, mental health, general and specialty surgery, pediatrics, allergy, immunization, audiology, optometry, internal medicine, OB GYN, physical therapy, preventive medicine, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and nutrition care services.

For minor illnesses that can't wait for a regular appointment, patient can request a same day appointment in the hospital's Urgent Care Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Soldiers and families visit the Kamish Clinic (next to Burger King) prior to being seen at the main hospital except in emergency situations.

General denistry is available for Active Duty members. Family member Care is strictly limited to space availability. No scheduled appointments are available.

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