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Fort Wainwright, Alaska


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Military students residing with their parents at Fort Wainwright will attend the North Star Public School District as there are no DoD schools located on Fort Wainwright. Busing is provided for students living more that 1 1/2 miles from the school that are attending. Students may attend schools outside their attendance area if space is available and they provide their own transportation. All schools in the district offer special education services but not all services are offered at every school. Most elementary schools now offer extended day kindergarten programs but the hours vary from school to school.

For registration you will need to supply: Birth Certificate, proof of immunizations,Transcripts and Proof of Residency.

There are a number of private schools in the local area that may offer tuition assistance. There are many extra curricular activities available for students to participate in, including various sports, music programs, student government and academic clubs.

The Alternative Learning Systems program acts as an umbrella for secondary alternative programs in the district. These programs include the Career Education Center, Guided Independent Study and Howard Luke Academy, which offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum, school to career opportunities, extracurricular activities and smaller pupil teacher ratios. Also available is the OPTIONS Teen Parenting program, Re-Entry and the START Program.

Fort Wainwright and the Fairbanks community offers graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate degree programs as well as vocational and technical programs. Winter months are a popular time to take courses. Registrations for each quarter are announced for both local community schools and courses given on post. Contact your Education Office for more information at DSN 317-353-7486 or 907-353-7486.

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