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Fort Wainwright, Alaska


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Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The Southern Cross neighborhood at Fort Wainwright

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Fort Wainwright has 1,513 sets of family housing quarters located on and off post,of which 100 units are Domestic Leases. Most are within walking distance of elementary schools, the Shoppette, child care center and chapels. The wait for family housing can be from two months to a year. More than one-third of families assigned to Fort Wainwright live off post in the Fairbanks and North Star Borough area.

Service members may apply for housing at the Housing Office in Building 3401, Santiago Road. The waiting period is usually two months to a year with a shorter wait during the summer months.

Quarters are either two, three or four bedrooms, with some five-bedroom units available in the newer housing at Fort Wainwright. Most units are two-story four or eight-plexes, with a full basement, while field-grade officer housing features duplexes (one floor with a basement or two-story with a basement).

EFMP Housing Quarters for families with exceptional family members is available.

On-post housing is usually available for single personnel classified as bona fide bachelors.

All military members desiring to live off post must process through the Housing Services Office before entering into a rental or sales agreement. HSO can be contacted at 907-353-1660. The Preferred Tenant Program is a service for Soldiers who need to reside off post for a period of one year or more while waiting for quarters, or who would prefer to reside off post permanently. PTP is specially designed for military personnel and offers a 3 percent below market rate for rentals. For information concerning this program, call 907-353-1642.

The HRO is to be contacted regarding any discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord disputes, or any questions or problems about off-post housing is the HRO.

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