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Fort Wainwright, Alaska


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Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The gate at Fort Wainwright

Fort Wainwright, Alaska, is home of America's Artic Warriors. Fort Wainwright is located in Alaska's Interior region adjacent to Fairbanks in the Tanana River Valley. Fort Wainwright occupies over a million acres.

At Fort Wainwright,soldiers will work and train in temperatures ranging from 80 degrees F in the summer to minus 50 degrees F in the winter.

The base was named for Gen. Jonathan Wainwright who led delaying tactics on Bataan and Corregidor in the Philippines against Japanese force in World War II.

The soldiers at Fort Wainwright are prepared to rapidly deploy worldwide in defense of U.S. interests or on humanitarian missions. It's location, superior training capabilities and relationship with the local communities make Fort Wainwright and United States Army in Alaska a national asset and world-class power projection platform for military operations worldwide.

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