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Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania


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Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania
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Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) is the newest realigned organization of the US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) . Considered the largest and most progressive depot facility in the Department of Defense, the Army has designated Tobyhanna as its Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for communications involving electronics, radar, and missile guidance and control. The Air Force has designated Tobyhanna as its Technical Source of Repair for command, control, communications and intelligence systems

TYAD is located in the Pocono mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, twenty miles southeast of Scranton. TYAD has 4.1 million square feet of floor space in 143 buildings and two storage igloos.

Its workforce is comprised of engineers, electronic mechanics, computer programmers, and various industrial trade workers. TYAD hosts many community activities such as youth fishing tournaments, Operation Santa Clause, blood drives, Junior Achievement, Adopt A School, and Career Days. The Depot has membership in several regional Chambers of Commerce and actively participates in numerous community task forces and committees.

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