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Fort Story, Virginia


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Fort Story, Virginia

Ariel view of Fort Story

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Fort Story is a sub-installation of the US Army Transportation Center and Fort Eusis. Together, Fort Story and Fort Eustis provide the U.S. Army's unique training specializing in land and sea transportation. Fort Story is located at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay within the city of Virginia Beach. It is the Army's only training facility for logistics-over-the-shore operations to train troops on amphibious equipment and to practice the transfer of military cargo from ship to shore. Fort Story offers the unique combination of features including dunes, beaches, sand, surf, deep-water anchorage, variable tide conditions, maritime forest and open land. These unique coastal natural resource features offer unique training opportunities to a variety of military units representing the U.S. Army, in addition to the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Fort Story has a considerable amount of land mass in acres of sandy trails, cypress swamps, grassy dunes and soft and hard sand beaches. The beaches are wide, gently sloped and washed by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay on one side, and get pounded by the surf of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. There are two main uses of the jurisdictional areas at Fort Story. The first is used for cantonment. The remaining use is for open operational purposes, including use for outdoor training areas. The outdoor training areas include beaches, maritime forest and open areas for a variety of military training needs.

Fort Story is the site of three historical landmarks: the Cape Henry Lighthouse built in 1791, the First Landing Cross which memorializes the landing of English settlers in 1607, and the Admiral de Grasse statue honoring the French Fleet which prevented the British from reaching Yorktown.

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