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Fort Sill, Oklahoma


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
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Military personnel and family members on orders to Fort Sill may contact Fort Sill Lodging to secure room reservations, 580-442-5000, DSN 312-639-5000 or toll free 1-877-902-3607.

Sill lodging is located in Building 5676 on Ferguson Road.Billeting office provides service 24- hours, 7-days a week. You may reserve your room in Lodging up to 60 days in advance when PCSing to Fort Sill.

Price range for personnel on official orders is $35.00 - $59.00 per night, depending on room size. A copy of official travel orders and a military ID card must be presented at the time of service on all official travel. Prices for non official visits are slightly higher.

Families arriving at Fort Sill on PCS orders must "pay as you go" as any other guest, then apply for the reimbursement during in-processing. The same applies if family uses off post temporary lodging.

Only one of the guest facilities allows pets. Let the Lodging personnel know at the time you make your reservation if you will be bringing your pet.

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