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Fort Sill, Oklahoma


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Fort Sill is located in southwest Oklahoma, Comanche county, and next to the city of Lawton.

The distance from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is about 5 miles. There is a military representative at the Lawton Municipal Airport from 4:30am until the last flight arrives, usually about 10:30pm. Upon arrival at the airport you may want to stop by the military desk and request a Fort Sill Guide booklet and a Map. The booklet contains information, a phone directory, and Fort Sill/Lawton maps. The map also contains information, the Lawton map on one side and Fort Sill map on the other side.

The only cab service allowed to enter Fort Sill is Peoples Cab Company. The average cost for the taxi from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is $7 for one person and 2.50 for each additional person using the cab.

The Lawton Transit Service bus system operates until 9:00pm.The bus will stop at the bus station where you will transfer to the 'Orange Route' which runs through Fort Sill, and will drop you at the Guest House (Altman Hall). The cost for the bus transportation from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is $1.50.

If you drive from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill, once you leave the airport you will come to a stop sign at 11th Street. Turn left on 11th Street and remain on it. It will become Fort Sill Boulevard which will lead you directly to the installation through Scott Gate.

Fort Sill is a 'closed' post. In order to gain access you must show a valid photo Identification Card (ID). If you are driving into Fort Sill you must show proof of your current driver's license, state vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You must register your vehicle on post as soon as possible after you sign in. The registration form is provided to you at the Welcome Center during in processing

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