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Schofield Barracks/Fort Shafter, Hawaii


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Main Phone Numbers
Schofield Barracks/Fort Shafter, Hawaii

Lt. Col. James Horton acts as the Commander of Troops during a ceremony at Schofield Barracks' Sills Field

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Main Phone Numbers

Main phone number: (808)449-7110

Family housing (808)438-5063; unaccompanied housing (808)839-2336

Temporary Lodging/Billeting 1-800-490-9638 / 808-624-9650 (DSN) 315-455-5036

Tripler Lodging Facility, 808-839-2336

Relocation Readiness Program 808-655-4227

Army Community Service: (808)655-2400

Child Care: Center (808)438-1151

Tripler Army Medical Center (808)433-6661

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