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Fort Sam Houston, Texas


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Medical Care
Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Brooke Army Medical Center

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Brooke Army Medical Center is a modern state-of-the-art, health care facility that provides Level 1 Trauma and Graduate Medical Education at Fort Sam Houston. The physical appearance and efficiency of space throughout the hospital creates a user-friendly, high quality health care environment for patients, their families and health care providers.

Located in the eastern sector of Fort Sam Houston, the Medical Center complex houses seven buildings, with a total of 1,473 million square feet of operational space and one million square feet of interstitial space. It includes a medical treatment facility, a medical research laboratory and a central energy plant. There are 450 inpatient beds of which 48 are ICU beds and 40 are dedicated to the Institute of Surgical Research. The Hospital is capable of expanding to 651 beds if needed to support wartime mobilization.

The hospital includes 12 operating rooms, five oral surgery suites, four dental rooms, a diagnostic and therapeutic radiology center, a same day surgery suite and the requisite outpatient clinic and ancillary support services. The auditorium on the fourth floor seats 278 and the dining facility on the lower level seats 198.

Brooke Army Medical Center is the Army's most modern health care facility and the Army's only Level 1 Trauma Center. The graduate medical education programs, residents and fellowships provide the highest quality specialty care. It is the home of the Institute for Surgical Research and its Burn Center. There are 58 specialty clinics and conducts more than 600 ongoing research protocols each year in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, urology and emergency medicine.

The Brooke Army Medical Center TRICARE Service Center is located on the main post of Fort Sam Houston Building #1102.

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