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Fort Riley, Kansas


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Fort Riley, Kansas

Fort Riley Senior Officer Housing

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The Housing Services Office is located in Carr Hall (45 Barry Avenue). The hours of operation are 0800 to 1700. You may contact the Housing Services Office by calling (785) 239-3525, DSN 856-3525. All Soldiers reporting to Fort Riley are required to report to the Housing Services Office prior to entering a rental agreement offpost.

Fort Riley has over 3,000 sets of Family Quarters that accommodate approximately 53% of eligible families. There are 395 officer family units; 2,227 enlisted family units; 47 unaccompanied personnel units. The O'Donnell Heights housing project is a great improvement to the Fort's "Quality of Life," with barrack renovation's and upgrades continuing. All quarters are equipped with a range and a refrigerator. Each unit is equipped with central heating and air conditioning. Housing will be modified as needed to accommodate the accessibility needs of exceptional family members.

There is a waiting list for housing, so there is little chance that quarters will be available immediately. Therefore, temporary lodging should be secured in advance prior to arriving with your family. Lodging is not given automatically and you must be prepared to pay for temporary lodging while you secure more permanent living quarters on or off post.

Fort Riley is located in a fairly rural area and the towns nearby are not large. Housing is available in the community; however, choice of housing types may be limited.

Single E6 and below are required to reside in the barracks, unless barracks space is not available. A service member married to another service member who is stationed elsewhere and who is entitled BAH at the without dependant rate will also be required to reside in the barracks.

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