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Fort Riley, Kansas


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Riley, Kansas

Originally a bachelor officer's quarters (BOQ) in 1904, Carr Hall is a historical building located in the residential district on Barry Avenue.

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The Fort Riley Army Lodging Front Desk is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is located in Carr Hall, 45 Barry Avenue, on Main Post.

Fort Riley Army Lodging's mission is to provide clean, comfortable lodging along with a pleasant, customer-oriented staff for all eligible personnel. While There is a priority to serve Temporary Duty and Permanent Change of Station travelers, other guests are housed when space is available.

Fort Riley Lodging has 111 transient housing units. During the PCS season Fort Riley Army Lodging is often fully booked. If you have reservations please make sure you keep your confirmation number with you, this is your proof of reservation, without it your room may be assigned to someone else. Advance reservations are required and can be made through one of the following methods:

    Phone Commercial (785) 239-2830
    or call Toll Free 1-800-GO-ARMY-1 and ask to be connected to Fort Riley.
    Fax to (785) 239-8882
    Email a message to RILE_Lodging@conus.army.mil

Lodging will provide a Certificate of Non-Availability for TDY Soldiers when there is no space available. If the PCS Soldier has to go off-post for temporary lodging, Fort Riley Army Lodging will provide them with a Temporary Lodging Expense form in order to get reimbursed for the expence.

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