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Fort Richardson, Alaska


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Fort Richardson, Alaska

Fort Richardson Housing

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All personnel are required to in-process at the Housing Office in Bldg 600 for Temporary Lodging Allowance. All Soldiers accompanied by family members may apply for Fort Richardson housing. The Housing office is located in Building 600 at the Welcome Center, phone number(907)384-0309. The Housing Office is open 8am-4:30pm M-F.

Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base share a common boundary on the northern and western edges of Anchorage. There are 2022 Air Force homes on base, and over 10% are occupied by Fort Richardson families.

The housing on Fort Richardson is limited for the number of people assigned to the installation, which can lead to a wait for on post housing. Fort Richardson currently has several construction and renovation projects underway in family housing. This makes accurate waiting time projections more difficult. However, service members who are coming to Ft. Richardson and who are qualified for two and three bedroom may find government housing available in under 60 days. Those requiring four or more bedroom homes may be housed in approximately 6-9 months.

Fort Richardson currently has 119 officer units, 821 enlisted units and 67 single service member units. All quarters are assigned based upon occupancy by one family member per bedroom up to a maximum of 4-bedroom units (the Fort Richardson inventory is predominantly 3- and 4-bedroom housing).

Anchorage homes are available for rent but few landlords accept pets and those who do may require extra deposits. Out of pocket expenses for deposits may run close to $3,000. Anchorage has a shortage of three and four bedroom rental units. Housing costs in Anchorage may be higher than the Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) allowances. Many first termers experience financial problems due to the combined costs of housing, utilities, food, and auto insurance.

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